Best gas smokers under 400

The best gas smokers under $400 for 2017

Every veteran pit master loves to brag about how they spent 16 hours in the snow slaving over the fire to produce the finest, most succulent brisket known to man. But if you're just getting into smoking meat...
Best electric smokers

The Best Electric Smokers for 2017

So you want to smoke meat, but sitting out in the rain tending a fire doesn't sound like fun to you? Electric smokers are the perfect choice if you want a set it and forget it approach. You get a good bal...
Best insulated bbq gloves 2017

Best insulated BBQ Gloves guide 2017

Hands up if you've ever tried to arrange coals, handle food or rearrange logs with a regular pair of cloth oven mitts you found in a kitchen drawer. If you're like us and dumb enough to try this, chances are...