Top 12 best BBQ blogs in 2016

Best BBQ blogs of 2016

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The internet is full of cooking blogs, but it can be surprisingly hard to find the best BBQ blogs. This list includes a wide range of BBQ and smoking blogs from around the internet ranging from established names in BBQ to hobbyists who post great BBQ content. I guarantee this list will make you want to fire up the grill!


1) Barbecue! Bible

BBQ! Bible Blog

Why it made the list: Created by multi-award-winning author, journalist, cooking teacher, and TV host, Steven Raichlen. Barbecue! Bible is a great resource for news, views, reviews, perspectives, and articles from the world of barbecue. His book Project Smoke is a highly rated guide to both hot and cold smoking.

Must read: In Praise of Pork Shoulder how to buy it, how to season it and how to cook it.


2) Pork Barrel BBQ

Pork barrel bbq blog

Why it made the list: Rather than just hawking their own products, the guys from Pork Barrel BBQ have a wealth of the latest BBQ news, and competition write ups and even a humerus “Can you grill it” YouTube series involving the latest phones being introduced to searing hot heat.

Must read: BBQ 101


3) How to BBQ right

How to BBQ right blog

Why it made the list: If the name didn’t give it away take it from Malcom Reed himself – “I’ve been competing for over a decade and have learned from the best. Now I’m just passing that info along and hopefully helping others better their BBQ. You’ll find a huge range of delicious recipes as well as BBQ tips & techniques.

Must read: How to wet age a brisket


4) Girls at the grill

Girls at the grill best bbq blog

Why it made the list: BBQ can be a bit of a men only club. Elizabeth Karmel is a chef and author from North Carolina who shares a range of bbq recipes, sides and desserts and definitely belongs on the best bbq blogs list.

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05) BBQ Addicts

BBQ Addicts best bbq blog

Why it made the list: BBQ can be a bit of a men only club. Elizabeth Karmel is a chef and author from North Carolina who shares a range of bbq recipes, sides and desserts.

Must read: Szechuan Smoked Duck Recipe


06) Girl Carniove

Girl Carnivore BBQ Blog

Why it made the list: Girl Carnivore AKA Kita Roberts clearly knows her BBQ. Great recipes from the simple yet mouthwatering smoked chicken linked below, to steamed fresh crabs. Amazing photography and good sense of humour make’s this blog a must read.

Must read: Smoked spatchcooked chicken on a Weber Smokey Mountain


07) BBQ Bros

BBQ bros best bbq blog

Why it made the list: Lots of websites share great BBQ recipes. BBQ Bros go one step further with detailed, step by step guides which make it easy to start barbecuing. They also have great BBQ recipees!

Must read: How To Build A “Mini” Weber Smokey Mountain


08) Patrons of the Pit

Patrons of the pit bbq blog

Why it made the list: With the tagline “two men, two pits and a blog” you won’t be disappointed. Well written, BBQ stories, reviews, pictures and inspiration.

Must read: The Long Smoke: Pulled Pork Sandwiches



09) Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue

Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue blog

Why it made the list: Joe Haynes is on a never ending quest… To cook tender, mouthwatering barbecue perfection! This is a great personal BBQ blog where you can find cooking adventures, guides and recipes.

Must read: Great 14 post series of BBQ secrets



10) Arrogant Swine

Arrogant Swine BBQ blog

Why it made the list: The Arrogant Swine is an American Beer Hall located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Tyson ho shares a range of experiences like working with pork heritage farms and BBQ roadtrips.

Must read: BBQ Roadtrip! B’s Barbecue – Greenville, NC



11) Slap Yo Daddy BBQ

Slap yo daddy bbq blog

Why it made the list: Slap yo daddy BBQ wins the award for best named BBQ blog! Harry Soo and the Slap Yo Daddy team are one of the top-ranked Kansas City BBQ Society teams. The blog contains a huge range of recipes by the pit masters and BBQ competition stories.

Must read: La Caja China Pig Roaster – Blog and Recipe

12) The Smoking Ho

The smoking ho bbq blog

Why it made the list: If you’re stuck at work and dreaming of BBQ but it’s 9:30 in morning then the Smoking Ho could be just what you need. Detailed reviews of lots of different barbecue joints with great pictures. Perfect to find the next place to go when you can’t be bothered firing up the smoker.

Must read: LA Barbecue 

Start creating your own amazing barbecue

If that list doesn’t get you inspired to start smoking your own meat then you might secretly be a vegetarian and we suggest urgent medical attention. If you are ready to get started, we have an in-depth guide for the best beginner smokers.

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Just make sure you avoid the top mistakes new smokers make!


What are your picks for best BBQ blogs?

Now it’s your turn! Share your favorite blogs that cover smoking, grilling and all things BBQ.

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