The 4 Best George Foreman Grills in 2024

best george foreman grill

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The humble George Foreman grill has sold over 100 million units worldwide, thanks to one of the most successful celebrity endorsements of all time.

The “Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine” has become a staple in kitchens and dorm rooms around the world.

While this style of grill gets a bit of a bad rep from serious grillers, the electric design and small footprint make this a popular choice for apartment dwellers or anyone that wants to grill but can’t use gas or charcoal.

In a rush? The best George Foreman grill for most people is the George Foreman 5-Serving Evolve.

Here are the best George Foreman grills for a range of different needs, including a great alternative from another brand.

Our top picks for Best George Foreman Grill for 2024

1. Best Overall – George Foreman Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System

The Evolve is a different beast from the original George Foreman that was introduced way back in 1994.

Electric grills typically struggle with reaching high temperatures to sear and produce flavorsome crust when cooking steak.

The Evolve gets around this issue with a searing option that provides 500°F bursts of heat.

This grill is on the larger side with 75 square inches of cooking space.

You can also swap out the ceramic grill plates (used to grill and panini press for deep dish bake pan or muffin insert for a variety of different recipe options.

What we like:

  • Ceramic plates – The primary grilling plates used with this grill are covered with a nonstick ceramic coating. This eliminates the need for oil or butter and makes cleanup a breeze whether you’re using it as grill or panini press.
  • Cool-touch release – Both sets of plates have cool-touch edges let you pick them up and swap them out even if they’ve just been heated. This way, you don’t have to wait for one set of grilling plates to cool before switching them out.
  • Control panel – The digital controls included on the front of the George Foreman Evolve Grill are easy to use. They clearly display important things like the cooking time and temperature. With this panel, you can set temperatures between 325° to 450°.
  • 500° searing – An additional control allows you to sear anything in the grill for a quick burst of cooking power and sear marks. It’s a versatile control that can give your home-cooked meals and extra flair in either appearance or speed.
  • Adjustable angle – You can also adjust the angle of the cooking surface to be either flat or tilted. This lets you make both sandwiches and paninis or other food items without an issue.

What we don’t like:

  • Long pre-heat time – This George Foreman grill takes about 15 minutes to heat up to some of the higher preset temperatures. This is a huge downside since it’s longer than many other contact grills.
  • Non-stick surface quality – We wish the quality of the nonstick cooking surface was a little better, as food can start to stick over time.

2. Best for indoors and outdoors – George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill

If you thought George Foreman only made indoor grills to feed one or two people you are wrong!

This grill is perfect for apartment living and can be used indoors or outside. The round shape offers 240 square inches of grilling space which makes this the best George Foreman grill for feeding a crowd.

With the elevated stand, you can gather around this and socialize like you’re cooking on a typical grill. While you could technically use any George Foreman outdoors, this has actually been designed to be used as an outdoor grill.

The domed lid is a departure from the usual clam shell design.

What we like:

  • Removable stand – This allows you to prop the grill up higher for outdoor cooking. You can also easily remove it as soon as you want to bring it indoors.
  • Temperature controls – This grill is equipped with five different heat settings to provide you with variable cooking options. You won’t have to cook different kinds of food under the same temperature and possibly over or undercook something as a result.
  • Large cooking space – This outdoor grill has been designed with 240 in.² of circular grilling space beneath the lid. No other George Foreman grill is equipped to feed your entire family as this pick.
  • Lid vent – This is located at the top of the lid and can be open to what you control the moisture of the food beneath. With this control, it’s up to you to decide how moist you want your meat to be.

What we don’t like:

  • Weak base – While the removability of the stand is nice, it’s also quite liable to be blown over with a strong gust of wind. Outdoor cooking might be a little more hazardous than you might expect if a child or pet suddenly bumps into the grill and sends food flying.
  • Power cord should be longer – You might need to use an extension cord depending on where your electrical outlet is located.

This grill was our favorite indoor-outdoor option in our guide to the best electric grills.

3. Best Budget – George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

Affordable, efficient, and fast-starting, this grill offers up to 60 in.² of space and is the best George Foreman grill for people on a budget.

You also get the added benefits of removable grilling plates which makes clean up so much easier. I wouldn’t recommend buying a George Foreman without them.

This grill is one of the best choices if you’re on a tight budget. It provides great results at a much lower price than the Evolve, while still working as a capable grill or panini press.

What we like:

  • Non-stick coating – The coatings used for this grill is even tougher and more durable than regular nonstick types. It’s easy to clean and essentially eliminates the need for butter or oil.
  • Fast heatup – The 4-Serving Grill can warm up 35% faster than the competition. This makes it a great choice for serving food quickly or making a meal right before you have to leave.
  • Removable plates – While many George Foreman grills have these plates, the ones used here are easy to slot in and out of the grill. They are also dishwasher safe, so cleanup at the end of the meal is easy, too.
  • Adjustable height – You can adjust the floating hinge within 1 inch of variance. This allows you to accommodate thicker sandwiches or different cuts of meats and vegetables.

What we don’t like:

No on/off switch – In order to turn the grill off, you have to unplug it entirely. This is a strange design choice, but it’s not a terrible downside given all of the benefits.

4. Best George Foreman Alternative – Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

If you want a George Foreman-style grill and aren’t tied to the brand, the Hamilton Beach is a great option.

You can cook between 200°F and 400°F, and then there’s a sear option which gets you up to the 450°F point. That’s easily hot enough to get nice sear marks on a steak.

At first we thought the window was a bit of a gimmick, but it was actually useful to watch food cooking.

What we like:

  • Hood window – The window at the top lets you check on your food without having to lift the lid. You won’t lower the temperature of your food and slow the cooking process.
  • Temperature dial – You can adjust the cooking temperature up to 450° (on sear mode) using the dial on the front of the grill. It’s a lot nicer than having only a single preset cooking temperature.
  • Stainless steel – The outside of this grill and its handle are both made with stainless steel. It’s a durable and long-lasting material that also won’t rust easily over time.
  • Removable lid – The lid seals in heat and juice, which sticks to the top. But since the lid is removable you can clean it up easily, although you can’t throw it in the dishwasher.
  • Removable plate – Like the lid, this is easily removable for convenient cleaning. It’s also boosted by its own nonstick cooking surface.

What we don’t like:

  • Lengthy startup time – It takes around 10 minutes for the grill to reach proper cooking temperature.

How to use a George Foreman grill

Being a versatile kitchen cooker, the George Foreman grill has been designed to be easy to use.

It’s a staple of both family kitchens and college dorm cookouts. Operation is relatively straightforward, so experienced cooks and teenagers can make a tasty meal.

The classic clam-shaped design of two grill plates connected by a floating hinge is still popular, although now you can see new designs as well.

The floating hinge is a key design component that allows the space between the grill to adjust depending on the thickness of the food. This allows your food to always be in contact with the grill.

These grills are even decent entry points for anyone who wants to learn the basics of grilling.

George Forman grills are for anyone and everyone. Here are some handy tips to get the most out of yours.

All George Foreman grills (and grills like it) are contact grills. This means that they cook food by directly touching things with a heated cooking surface.

The advantage of a George Foreman grill is that it simultaneously cooks the top and bottom of a food item. Therefore, heat reaches the center of any food much more quickly.

George Forman Tips

  • Always start by preheating the grill until the green light clicks. This will avoid food sticking to the grill plates and shorten the overall cooking time.
  • Place your grill on a flat surface that isn’t likely to wobble or topple. Make sure to put the drip collector under the grill’s drain so that it catches any grease.
  • Lots of people don’t realize that you should cut your cooking time by about half as George Foreman grills cook a lot faster than other cooking tools due to the food being cooked on both sides.
  • Show off your grillmaster skills with crossed grill marks on your steak or chicken breast by positioning your food at an angle relative to the grill plates. At about the halfway point of the cooking process, turn the chicken or other food to the opposite angle. The result should be crosshatched grill marks that look appetizing.

Think George Foreman grills are only for poor college students? Think again.

This video gives you five gourmet recipes you can create on a George Foreman.

You don’t have to go to that extreme, though.

Besides basic hamburgers or hot dogs, you can also grill anything you would cook on a regular grill. Think ribeye or sirloin steak, or chicken breasts.

You can also cook plenty of healthy vegetables like asparagus.

Grilling sandwiches is another good idea. Simply put the sandwich together while the George Foreman grill is preheating.

Then put the sandwich on the lower plate of the grill and press down to crisp your bread and melt the cheese of your sandwich.

How to clean your George Foreman grill

Cleaning your George Foreman grill is very easy.

The drip tray needs to be washed either by hand or in a dishwasher, then air-dried on a towel or dish rack.

Some George Foreman grills have removable plates. These plates can be hand washed or thrown in the dishwasher, depending on your preference.

If your model grill doesn’t have any removable plates, you’ll need to wipe down the inside of the plates with a soapy washcloth.

After hand washing the plates, rinse them off in the sink and dry them gently with a soft towel.

We wouldn’t recommend scrubbing the plates with metal scouring pads. The pads may damage the nonstick finish that comes with George Foreman grill plates automatically.

For the outside of your grill, wiping it down with a wet washcloth is the way to go.

Be careful not to make the electrical connector wet, usually near the back of the grill. Whatever you do, DO NOT follow the instructions in this video.

In addition, take care when replacing the plates and drip trays into the grill. If these are wet, they may damage the electronics inside the grill.

Is the George Foreman grill healthy?

George Foreman grills have an advantage in the health department since they don’t cook food with additional fat.

In fact, they can even lower the amount of melted fat that surrounds your food while it cooks. In traditional skillets or pans, fats from the food often sink back into the meat.

But the Foreman grill’s design has this extra grease and fat drain away into the drip pan.

All in all, your food will have fewer calories and saturated fat than if you cooked it with a traditional pan.

In addition, George Foreman grills don’t expose your food to the potential harm of an open flame or charcoal. Charcoal grills can overcook your food in certain places due to flame exposure. Exposing your food to charcoal smoke may infuse them with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These are known carcinogens.

Altogether, George Foreman grills don’t expose your food toxins and you end up with less fatty food in the end. These grills don’t have any negative side effects on your food.

Wrapping it up

Overall, the George Foreman 5-Serving Evolve is a step above your typical George Foreman, and makes an excellent choice for most grilling enthusiasts.

It’s very effective at tackling most meals without making a mess or requiring lots of time to heat up.

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