Barbeque Guides

Guide to dry aging beef at home

Complete guide to dry aging beef at home

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to taste a ribeye steak that has been dry aged 4 – 6 weeks, you’ve come pretty close to meat nirvana. There’s something about the way the meat tastes so much stronger and is so...
Cold smoking guide

Guide to Cold Smoking

Sometimes you need to step out of your normal barbecue comfort zone. Learning how to cold smoke opens up a world of flavor possibilities. But a word of caution, before you run off and buy up everything you nee...
Things that affect meat cooking time

8 Things that affect meat cooking times

Your guests are arriving in half an hour. But your thermometer tells you the meat has at least 2 hours of cooking left before it is ready to be served up. At this point you are secretly hoping your buddies h...