7 Practical Cold Weather Smoking Tips

Cold weather smoking tips

So, it’s miserable outside. Cold, blowy and bleak. However, I’m sure you’d agree that there could be no better time to hoe into some succulent pulled pork or brisket. Once you’ve managed to whip up the courage to brave the cold, actually smoking in extreme conditions can prove to be a test. With wind, rain […]

How to Control Temperature on Your Charcoal Smoker

How to control temperature on charcoal smoker

For those of us who still cook with charcoal, temperature control is one of the most fundamental skills we need to master. Many an amateur pit master has fired up their brand new charcoal smoker only to end up wasting perfectly good meat because they didn’t know how control their temps. But don’t worry. With […]

11 Common operating mistakes with the Weber Smokey Mountain

Operating Weber Smokey Mountain

I’m going to be honest with you. I made plenty of these mistakes when I first started smoking on my Weber Smokey Mountain. While I still think it’s a great smoker for beginners, there’s definitely a learning curve. Especially if you’ve never barbecued before and need to learn how to control temperature and produce the […]

The Secret to Getting a Good Smoke Ring

How to get a smoke ring

Nothing says “expertly smoked meat” more than the distinctive pink smoke ring that circles the edge of the meat when you slice into it. But getting a smoke ring has eluded many a backyard barbecue enthusiast. While there is no doubt that a smoke ring looks impressive,  some question whether it has any real impact […]

How to get a good bark when smoking meat

How to get a good bark when you smoke

There’s no denying that eating barbecue is a sensory experience. The smell as it comes off the pit, and the sight of the smoke ring as you slice into it are part of what makes this hobby so satisfying. The bark is an integral part of this experience. A flavorsome, licorice black bark is often […]

Can You Reuse Charcoal for Smoking?

Reuse old charcoal

I have no shame admitting that if there is a chance to save a dollar or two, I’ll take it. But penny pinching at the expense of the quality of my barbecue is where I draw the line. Here’s the conundrum— reusing your charcoal will save you some cash, but will the quality of your […]

How to Use a Charcoal Chimney Starter

How to use a charcoal chimney starter

So you’ve bought yourself a charcoal grill or smoker, got your food ready to go and the only thing left is to fire up the coals. Should be pretty straight forward, right? Yet so many people trip up here before they even get out of the gate. To get the coals lit quickly you’ll often […]

Smoking Your First Pork Butt

Smoking your first pork butt

Let’s be honest. As amateur pit masters we love to obsess about every little detail. This often ends up making everything more complicated that it needs to be. Especially if you’re just getting into smoking meat, the last thing you need is to be worrying about is what injection and brine to use. Especially when […]