Best Charcoal Grills for 2019

Collage of charcoal grills

There’s something about cooking with charcoal that can’t be beat. Maybe it’s the authentic taste of food cooked outdoors over hot coals, or the interactive cooking experience that brings you back to simpler times. While charcoal grilling does take a little more skill than gas, with a bit of knowledge you’ll be impressing your friends […]

The Best Charcoal Smokers for 2019

Best charcoal smokers

People love to brag about cooking with charcoal. You’ve got to admit, there’s a certain amount of romance with firing up the charcoal smoker. Maybe it’s the more interactive nature and the fact it requires a little bit of skill to work with. While we all love to tell stories about “slaving over the coals […]

How to grill steak on a charcoal grill

steak being cooked on a charcoal grill

I love my charcoal grills. Like, I really, really love them. I love them so much that I own 4 different kinds of charcoal grills. While I do most of my outdoor cooking on them, my favorite thing to cook over flame would definitely be a nice thick medium rare steak. If you’ve never had […]

How to Control Temperature on a Charcoal Grill

How to control temperature on a charcoal grill

Do you have a friend with a charcoal grill sitting in the corner of the garage collecting dust and cobwebs? Or maybe you’re the owner of a badly neglected grill. While many excuses are thrown around, the main reason people give up on their charcoal grill are due to an inability to control the temperature. The […]

Gas vs Charcoal Grills – Which is right for you?

Charcoal vs gas grills

In a perfect world, you could own a gas and a charcoal grill. When you had plenty of time to spare you would fire up some charcoal and sear steaks over the blazing heat. Or if you in a hurry you could chuck some burger patties on the gas grill and be eating 5 minutes […]

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill Review

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill Review

With over 30 years experience Weber continue to be the most recognized and respected brands grill brands on the market. Their designs are known for their versatility and quality, and the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is no exception. Powerful features are packed into this charcoal grill, including Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate (now […]

Best Tools for Lighting Charcoal

If you can’t light your charcoal, nothing is getting cooked tonight. But what’s the best way to get that pile of cold charcoal burning hot? If you have had a bit of a poke around the internet, you might have heard of charcoal chimney starters. They’re a pretty standard way to light charcoal. But are […]

Can You Reuse Charcoal for Smoking?

Reuse old charcoal

I have no shame admitting that if there is a chance to save a dollar or two, I’ll take it. But penny pinching at the expense of the quality of my barbecue is where I draw the line. Here’s the conundrum— reusing your charcoal will save you some cash, but will the quality of your […]

Lump Charcoal vs Briquettes – What the experts say

lit lump charcoal

There’s something about cooking and talking about barbecue that turns normal people into crazed zealots.  One of the most common questions that gets debated over and over again is whether to use lump charcoal or briquettes. We’ve turned to the experts to weigh up the pros and cons of cooking with lump charcoal vs charcoal briquettes. If […]