New Grilla Grills Vertical Pellet Smoker Promises Mammoth Performance

grilla grills mammoth vertical grill open with meat smoking

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Just when we thought we were done with new product releases for 2023, Grilla Grills went and released a brand-new smoker that will be a big deal for people who like to smoke a lot at once.

Or maybe we should say a ‘Mammoth” deal.

The Mammoth is a vertical pellet smoker with 1600 square inches of cooking space, and 5 grill racks with the option to add more.

We love to see see more companies launch vertical smokers. We’re still waiting to get our hands on the Mammoth for our full review, but in the meantime, here’s what we know so far.

Grilla Grills Mamoth Key Features

  • Mammoth-Sized Smoking Chamber: Offers 1600 square inches of cooking space, ideal for smoking a lot of meat at once big cuts.
  • Flexible Rack System: Comes standard with 5 large stainless-steel racks and ten rack locations for versatile cooking options.
  • Double Wall Insulation: Ensures maximum heat retention, perfect for smoking in any weather conditions.
  • Expandable Cooking Space: There will eventually be an option to purchase an additional 5 racks, expanding the space to over 3300 square inches.

Meet Grilla Grills’s new Mammoth Vertical Pellet Grill

NEW!! Grilla Mammoth Vertical Pellet Smoker

As we mentioned, the Grilla Grills Mammoth will come with 1600 square inches of cooking space across five large stainless-stell racks.

You will be able to arrange those racks across 10 different locations or pack even more food in by purchasing additional racks for a maximum of 3300 square inches!

I love the fact that you get more rack locations than racks, as lots of smokers promise a huge amount of space, but when you want to smoke something larger like a turkey you have to remove multiple racks just to fit it in.

The Mammoth will feature double-wall insulation, which should help with heat retention and pellet consumption. The build quality on the Alpha Connect we’ve tested was really impressive, so we’re hoping to see this continue with the Mammoth.

Speaking of pellets, the hopper is one of the largest we’ve ever seen, with 40 lbs capacity, enough to smoke for 48 hours at 250°F.

The Mammoth promises to be popular with anyone who smokes sausages, as you get 24 stainless steel hooks.

The Mammoth is currently going for $999.00 at the Grilla Website and for a limited time comes with 100 lbs of pellets for free.

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