After a taste of real southern BBQ we are on a quest to perfect the art of low and slow

At Smoked BBQ Source you’ll find a variety of tips, tricks, reviews & resources for learning how to smoke meat in your own back yard. If it’s related to low and slow BBQ and cooking with charcoal then we will cover it. We’re sharing everything along the way on the journey from amateur to pitmaster.

The background

About smoked bbq source profileAfter experiencing real southern BBQ for the first time we decided we had to learn how to cook like that in our own backyards. With a trusty webber kettle and a bag of briquette charcoal we set out to cook succulent brisket, ribs and pork butts. After the first mouthful we realised we clearly had no idea what we were doing and set out to learn everything we could about traditional barbecue. Hundreds of Google searches later we were left scratching our heads. Should we be cooking with lump charcoal or briquette? What makes a great beginner smoker? Why the hell has my brisket temperature not moved in 3 hours and what is the Texas Crutch I keep hearing about? The more we researched the more confusing, conflicting advice we read. While there are some great resources, forums and books available, putting it all together and knowing what advice to trust and what to ignore was making us loose sleep.

Creating the best resource for BBQ advice

Out of the struggle to find the best bbq advice, we decided to create the exact resource we wish we could have found when we were just starting out. We’ve never won a BBQ competition amongst us, so what makes us think we are qualified to write about BBQ? It’s simple. We’re dedicated to pulling together the best advice, technique and reviews from around the web. Unlike a lot of other “experts” out there hawking their own brand of BBQ gloves, or cooking courses, we are completely independent and unbiased. From time to time we may link to products we have researched and recommend. If you agree with our opinion and decide to buy it via the link on our website we may earn a small commission to help us cover our website costs (this stuff ain’t cheap so a big thank you for supporting the website). We wish you nothing but success and hope your future is full of delicious smoked meat! The team at Smoked BBQ Source (and our BBQ guard dog Jed). bbq guard dog

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