We’re building the #1 resource for barbecue on the web. Come join us!

Smoked BBQ Source is a small but fast growing barbecue media company with the goal of being the top destination for pit masters of all levels who want to master the art of grilling and smoking meat.

We are a remote team of barbecue enthusiasts from around the world. We come from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom but we all share a love of barbecue and a desire to teach and pass on our knowledge.

We need driven and talented people who love barbecue and cooking outdoors to join our team and help us achieve our goals together. 

Joe Clements, barbecue enthusiast & founder

From humble beginnings…

Hi, I’m Joe, the founder of this website. I created Smoked BBQ Source five years ago with the simple goal of documenting my journey from amateur to pit master. 

During the last five years our company has doubled in traffic and revenue every year to the point where we now receive over 1,000,000 visits per month and have a small team of writers, recipe creators, product testers and editors.

This is just the beginning of our story and I’m excited to grow our team with passionate people who want to share their love of barbecue.

What we do

We help millions of barbecue and grilling enthusiasts around the world with our detailed guides, delicious, simple to follow recipes and trustworthy reviews. Doing what we do requires a range of skills and talents in our team. From the pit masters who create recipes and test products to our editorial team that keeps publishing fresh content. 

  • Detailed Guides – We know that everyone has different levels of experience so we pride ourselves on our comprehensive barbecue and grilling guides where people can learn concepts from beginner to advanced including how to get a good barkwhy and how to wrap brisket and all about the barbecue stall.
  • Delicious Recipes – Our team share easy to follow recipes that they actually cook for themselves and their families. Not food porn that has been meticulously crafted to look delicious just for the photos.
  • Trustworthy Reviews – Our product testers put grills, smokers, thermometers and accessories to the test by conducting a range of experiments and real world cooks to help our readers make educated purchasing decisions.
  • Video – Produce video recipes and reviews to help our readers consume content in whatever format they desire.

What you get by working with us

Get paid to barbecue

How many jobs can say this? 

Reach a huge audience

Your work will reach a large audience of barbecue fanatics who are hungry to learn and improve.

Join a growing company

We are a small but scrappy team so you’ll have lots of opportunities to take on responsibilities and learn new skills.

Free products

We get sent lots of free smokers, grills and meat to test out. We also buy a lot of the latest products to review.

Flexible work

Our team all work remote and set their own hours. Some of us have day jobs and some of us do this full time.

Job Openings

BBQ Content Creator