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how to choose and cook bbq pork ribs

Types of Pork Ribs

I'll be honest. When I first got into barbecue I had no idea there were different types of pork rib. It wasn't until I started buying meat from proper butchers that I realized how many options were out ther...
How to use an offset smoker

How to Use an Offset Smoker

Offset barrel smoker. Stick burner. Horizontal smoker. Whatever you call them, this is the type of smoker that dominates the competition circuit. And there's no doubt this is what most people picture when ...
Cold weather smoking tips

7 Practical Cold Weather Smoking Tips

So, it’s miserable outside. Cold, blowy and bleak. However, I’m sure you’d agree that there could be no better time to hoe into some succulent pulled pork or brisket. Once you've managed to whip up the courage...