MEATER 2 Plus Review: Does the Newest MEATER Model Live Up to the Hype?

meater 2 plus review

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As the first to hit the market and with killer marketing, MEATER is hands down the most popular Bluetooth probe.

I admittedly had some issues with my original MEATER probe. I couldn’t get the range that I wanted, and it disconnected while I was cooking. It could be due to the material of my smokers (thick steel) or the proximity of my kitchen & size of my backyard, but I got to the point where I pretty much stopped using it because it just wasn’t a good fit.

When MEATER launched their new MEATER 2 Plus, I had to try it out and see how it stacked up against the original model and some of the other Bluetooth probes that have hit the market today.

First Impressions of the Meater 2 Plus

Since the first version of the Meater was released, the company was acquired by Traeger. This is the first new product since the acquisition, so I was especially interested to see what was new.

Upon opening the MEATER 2 Plus, I noticed that the probe is all silver/metal as opposed to most other probes on the market that have a black poly coating on the ambient probe portion.

I assume this slight design change contributes to the probe’s ability to handle higher temperatures during searing.

Similar to the original model, the MEATER 2 Plus comes in the classic wooden charging base that also doubles as the transmitter for Bluetooth. One thing I don’t like about MEATER is that their charging bases utilize battery power instead of rechargeable.

Most of the other Bluetooth probes I’ve tried, like the TempSpike by ThermoPro, are rechargeable, which is a more sustainable feature and more convenient for the user.

But, I will say that the batteries last a long time, I’ve noticed, so it’s not a huge issue, depending on how much you use it.

I tested the accuracy of the Meater with my Thermapen ONE instant-read and found it to be highly accurate.

The Plus offers 250ft of “typical range” with a direct line of sight and no interference. The original Plus model only offered 165ft, so it’s a decent step up.

What I liked:

  • Withstand high temperatures – The probe can handle ambient temperatures of up to 932°F, making it perfect for direct searing.
  • Measures at multiple points – The single probe takes the temperature at 5 differnt points down the barrel of the probe plus the ambient temp, which gives you a much more accurate picture of the internal temp.
  • Easy-to-use app – It’s easy to navigate, looks sleek, and gets high user ratings in both Apple and Google app stores.

What I didn’t like:

  • Charging base uses battery – It would be nice if this were USB rechargeable rather than taking batteries.

So, what makes the MEATER 2 Plus different?

The most significant improvements in the new model are increased temperature limits, durability, and range. The probe can handle ambient temperatures of up to 932°F, so the probe can be used over hot, open flames (think: reverse searing).

uncooked prime rib with MEATER 2+ probe
Meater 2 Plus excelled when smoking and searing prime rib.

Most other probes on the market have a max temperature of around 600°F.

I love that the probe can handle higher heat, so I can see the temperature of my meat during the entire searing process to ensure I don’t overcook it.

Another cool upgrade is that the probe takes the temperature in multiple places down the barrel of the probe. This is especially helpful when cooking things like Prime Rib because you can tell if you’re getting an even cook throughout the entire cut of beef.

One thing I like about the MEATER compared to similar products is the easy-to-use app. It’s easy to navigate and looks very sleek from an interface standpoint.

The app also automatically sets the alarm to go off when you should pull the meat off and attempts to calculate the carryover after removing the meat from the heat.

This can be a bit problematic in some situations, but overall, it’s a nice feature to have as not accounting for carry-over cooking is the most common way beginners overcook meat.

Should you buy the MEATER 2 Plus? 

Compared to the other models I’ve tried, I’d say it has the advantage of being able to handle higher temperatures, but other than that, there isn’t a ton of difference in functionality, though I will say that I find the app a lot easier to use and navigate.

If you’re looking for a hands-off way to monitor the temperature of your meat, I’d say the MEATER 2 Plus is one of the best choices on the market.

The Meater 2

The MEATER 2 Plus is significantly better than the experience I had with the original model. It’s tough enough to handle higher heat and both the ambient and internal temperatures are quick and accurate.
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