9 Best Kamado Joe Accessories in 2024

Best Kamado Joe Accessories

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So you’ve weighed up the Kamado Joe Vs Big Green Egg and decided to get yourself a Kamado Joe. Great! Now it’s time to really make the most of it! 

To help you do this, we’ve researched the ultimate accessories to take your Kamado grilling game to the next level. 

9 Best Kamado Joe Accessories

From the all-important grill cover to the best temperature controller, here’s our pick of the bunch. 

(This list focuses on Kamado Joe accessories only – if you’re looking for essential grilling products, check out our guide to Essential Grill and Smoker Accessories)

1. JoeTisserie

Transform your Kamodo Joe Classic into a rotisserie oven with the motorized, stainless-steel JoeTisserie. 

Perfect for preserving your meat’s natural juices with its constant rotation for steady, even cooking – the JoeTisserie allows you to cook tender, juicy and smoky meats from whole chickens to prime rib and Boston butt

Unlike lesser models, this version has a quiet 120V motor that can spin meats weighing up to 40 pounds. It also features a unique wedge-shaped ring for a perfect fit with your Kamado Joe lid.

Easy to install and with adjustable forks for optimum balance, we think this is one of the very best Kamado Joe accessories invented.  

2. Kamado Joe Electric Starter for Charcoal

Get your grill lit in next to no time with the easy to use Kamado Joe Electric Charcoal Starter. 

This model is designed for Kamado Joe grills, in particular. Its special stainless steel element is cleverly angled, which means you can effortlessly light your coals thanks to the way it sits perfectly on your grill’s bottom. 

Its three-loop design also allows increased surface contact with your coals for even faster lighting – so you’ll never have to fiddle about with firestarters ever again. 

With 600W of power, this high-quality, durable lighter is a must-have to make getting your grill going fast and easy. It also comes complete with a fantastic three-year warranty for peace of mind.

3. SMOKEWARE Vented Chimney Cap

If you want to grill or smoke with your Kamado Joe year-round, in rain, snow, or just on those drizzly days – then you need this vented chimney cap by Smokeware. 

Even when you don’t need this chimney’s protection from the elements, you may find you prefer grilling with it all the time, thanks to its excellent airflow regulation and temperature control. 

Suitable for use with classic and Big Joe models; this high-grade 304 stainless steel chimney features three tapered vents and an all-weather cap that’s resistant to rust. It fits snugly and won’t budge, even when you open the dome. 

All in all, this is a stylish and practical accessory that will enable you to make the most of your grill all year-round.

4. Best temperature controller – Flame Boss 500

Looking for a compact and efficient way to regulate your grill temperature? Toying with the idea of buying the branded Kamado Joe iKamand? If so, we recommend checking out the Flame Boss 500 first.

Much easier and more intuitive to use, we think the Flame Boss is far superior to the iKamand. 

The Flame Boss 500 uses the latest technology to ensure you have the ultimate control over your grilling. You can view graphs of your grilling stats via the online dashboard and monitor both your pit and meat temperatures from your smartphone. 

Need to change the temperature? The Flame Boss allows you to do this remotely. Want to be notified when your meat is cooked? This temperature controller can send you a text message once your meat is ready and automatically reduce the grill temp to keep your food warm. With the Flame Boss 500, you are fully in control.

With no software to install and compatibility with Alexa and Google Home, grilling with the Flame Boss 500 is precise and hassle-free.

5. Kamado Joe Cover

If you’re planning on keeping your Kamado Grill outdoors, then you really need this cover.  

Specially designed for the Kamado Joe, this branded cover is a perfect fit. It’s easy to put on and take off, and its quick-connect straps hold it in place no matter how windy it gets. 

The top handle is solidly attached and the cover is shaped to protect your entire grill from the elements. It’s so well-designed, it won’t even fade in strong sunlight. 

We think this cover is an absolute must-have for any proud Kamado Joe owner. Ideal for protecting your investment and extending your grill’s lifespan, as well as keeping it looking sparkling new for every use. 

6. Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal

Of course, you don’t need to buy branded charcoal. But if you’re shopping around for lump charcoal and are looking for a premium option, then we think the Kamado Joe version makes a great choice.

Branded as the “world’s largest”, the Kamado Joe Big Block XL Charcoal burns for up to an incredible 18 hours – perfect for your weekend Boston butt grilling marathons. Made from a blend of high-quality hardwoods, this charcoal is reusable up to three times, making it great value for money.

With a long burn time that’s steady and reliable, we love that this superior lump charcoal is 100% natural and it definitely gets our seal of approval. 

7. Reversible Griddle

Cooking for a crowd? Or maybe you’re planning to grill several different foods that all require different durations and temperatures?  If so, you need to get yourself one of these reversible cast iron griddles.

Specially designed for use with the Kamado Joe Classic, this half-moon griddle allows you to stagger the placement of your grates and griddles for optimum use of space. 

Compatible with the Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer system, this griddle allows you to effectively double your cooking area for greater flexibility, so you can grill for large groups with ease. What’s not to love about that?

8. Kamado Joe Cookbook

So, you’ve taken the plunge and got yourself a Kamado Joe. Congratulations! 

We bet you’re full of enthusiasm to get grilling right away, but if you’re new to using a kamado grill, you may struggle to make full use of this incredible model.

If this sounds like you, demystify your Kamado Joe and unleash its full potential with this fantastic cookbook. Featuring 13 techniques that showcase how to get the most from your new grill; this cookbook is a must-read for new and experienced Kamado Grill owners alike. 

Packed with all the secrets you need to know and over 30 recipes, after reading this book you’ll be a Kamado master in next to no time.

9. Kamado Joe Pizza Kit

The Kamado Joe Pizza Kit enables you to transform your Kamado Joe into a fully-fledged pizza oven with the durable cast aluminum DōJoe.

Its distinctive wedge shape allows you to easily maintain temperatures of 400-700 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for making perfectly cooked pizzas, as well as other delicious baked goods. 

The included ceramic pizza stone ensures you’ll get perfect crusts and crispy toppings, and because you can see how your food’s cooking, there’s little risk of accidentally burning the edges. 

Great for the whole family, if you’re a pizza fan, we think this has got to be one of the very best accessories you can buy for your Kamado Joe

Wrapping it up

So, there you have it! Our favorite accessories to take your Kamado Joe grilling game to the next level. 

We hope you found our list useful. If you think there are any products that we missed, don’t forget to let us know in the comments below, and be sure to share this article with your fellow Kamado Joe owners!

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