12 BEST Sides You Should Be Serving With Smoked Brisket

smoked brisket with sides

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Smoking beef brisket is a labor of love, so you don’t want to go and ruin it by serving up sides that don’t quite cut the mustard.

After spending 12 hours smoking the perfect brisket, you want sides that heighten the eating experience but aren’t too labor-intensive.

We’ve come up with a list of dishes we know complement a low and slow-smoked brisket to ensure your efforts are rewarded.

Elevate your brisket with these unforgettable side dishes

1. Southern Style Coleslaw

southern style coleslaw recipe

This slaw is perfect with brisket and super easy to make. In fact, you probably have all the dressing ingredients in your cupboard already.

The crunch of the cabbage is a nice contrast to the soft, tender brisket, and the dressing, which is tangy and savory, is refreshing and complements the smokey flavor of the BBQ meat.

Recipe: Southern Style Coleslaw

2. Smoked Baked Beans with Bacon

smoked baked beans in cast iron pan

What could be better than beef, beans, and bacon?

Beans are a classic side for BBQ, with big bold flavors of smoke and caramel. You can’t deny this dish is always a winner.

Recipe: Smoked Baked Beans with Bacon

3. Easy Smoked Mac and Cheese

Smoked mac and cheese

The beauty of this mac and cheese is that it is all done in a single tray.

You literally add all the ingredients; pasta, cheese, cream, rub, and milk to the tray and onto the smoker for one hour.

BBQ doesn’t get any better than comfort food in a foil baking tray.

Recipe: Easy Smoked Mac and Cheese

4. Smoked Cornbread with Honey butter

Cornbread with Honey butter

This classic skillet cornbread cooked on the smoker is a perfect side dish for ribs, brisket, or any barbecue main.

When your protein is nearly cooked, throw this cornbread together and put it in the smoker as well. It will be hot out of the smoker when you’re ready to serve up.

The honey butter would also be good with dinner rolls, and biscuits.

Recipe: Smoked Cornbread with Honey Butter

5. Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

bacon wrapped brussels sprouts

Yes, we know, but don’t knock it till you try it. These are delicious!

The sprouts have a nice sweet nuttiness to them, and the bacon is crisp and salty. Serve them alongside your brisket with the lemon garlic dipping sauce and it really is a side dish that can’t be beaten.

Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

6. BBQ Corn Ribs

smoked corn ribs

These corn ribs are slightly easier to eat than a whole cob because we cut it into quarters.

A little brush with a wet rub of butter and a Mexican-inspired blend of spices. On the grill for 20 minutes till they get a nice little curl going, and they’re done.

If Mexican is not your thing, we have some alternative flavor suggestions you might like.

Recipe: BBQ Corn Ribs

7. The Best Pasta Salad for BBQ


There’s a reason this is in our Top 10 recipes. Need we say more?

This salad has got it all: tender, chewy pasta, fresh tomatoes, salty olives, crunchy cucumber, and soft creamy mozzarella, all coated in a zingy Dijon vinegarette.

Recipe: The Best Pasta Salad for BBQ

8. Smoked Bacon Wrapped Carrots with Maple Glaze

bacon wrapped carrots on serving plate

We’re not going to kid you by saying these are healthy because there’s a vegetable involved, but we are going to say they are definitely a great way to eat carrots, and they look good, too.

The carrots are soft, the sweetness is enhanced by the maple glaze, and, of course, you get a nice contrasting saltiness from the crispy bacon.

Recipe: Smoked Bacon Wrapped Carrots with Maple Glaze

9. Quick Pickled Red Onions

pickled red onions

Okay, technically a condiment. But they are a must-have with any good piece of BBQ meat, sweet, tangy, and crispy.

Make these the day before you want to eat them. Slice up your onions, make your brine, fill up the jar with both, and let sit for 24 hours.

You’ll find many uses for them, pulled pork sandwiches and tacos, to name a few.

Recipe: Quick Pickled Red Onions

10. BBQ Pickle Chips

quick and easy homemade pickles

If you love pickles, you’ll want to give this one a go as well.

These pickle chips are essential with any smoked meat, they act as a palette cleanser with their sharp tangy flavor.

Pretty quick to make and ready to eat in 2 to 4 hours (24 is better). They will also last a good four weeks in the fridge.

Make a double batch, as they are also good on sandwiches or a cheese board.

Recipe: BBQ Pickle Chips

11. Garlic and Rosemary Smoked Potatoes

smoked potatoes with garlic and rosemary

Potatoes, oh, how we love you, no matter how you are cooked.

It doesn’t get much simpler or tastier than these baby potatoes. Pop them into a cast iron skillet, drizzle with olive oil, season, sprinkle with herbs and parmesan, then into the smoker for an hour.

Recipe: Garlic and Rosemary Smoked Potatoes

12. Loaded Smoked Potato Skins

loaded smoked potato skins

These turn your average baked potato into something a little more special.

After you’ve baked your potatoes, hollow them out and fill them with a mixture of cheese, bacon, and BBQ rub, then back on the grill to get crisp and take on a little smoky flavor.

Serve them up with BBQ meat and a little sour cream for a delicious combo.

Recipe: Loaded Smoked Potato Skins

Wrapping it up

Every BBQ needs a good side dish or two. When you’ve gone to the effort of an 8-12-hour cooked brisket, it’s essential.

Whether you want, tangy, creamy or cheesey we think you’ll find something in this list that will go perfectly with your next brisket.

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smoked brisket with sides

12 BEST Sides for Brisket

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