Camp Chef DLX WiFi Review: Pellet Grill With Excellent Temperature Control

camp chef dlx 24 review

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If you’re in the market for a moderate sized pellet grill on a budget, but don’t want to miss out on all the features you find on more expensive grills the Camp Chef DLX WiFi is an excellent choice.

For less money than a Trager Pro 575, you get a few features the Traeger doesn’t offer, like adjustable smoke levels and ash cleanout. With the option to add a Sidekick grill or griddle you’ll have a super versatile grill.

I tested the non-WiFi version of this grill, which has since been discontinued, but everything in this review has been updated for the most recent version.

Camp Chef sent me this grill for free in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Camp Chef DLX 24 overview & first impressions

The Camp Chef DLX Wifi has a lot in common with the Woodwind model that I’ve also reviewed. This grill is extremely easy to fire up and adjust with a simple display panel and turn dial knob.

And like the Woodwind, you get a pellet change-out chute, a pellet ash pot cleanout system, and options to add the Sidekick system for a grilling or griddle station.

This grill improves on previous versions of the DLX with the Gen 3 WiFi controller, which gives you a low-glare digital display, PID technology, two probe ports, plus fan-only mode for cold smoking.

Camp Chef DLX 24 specifications:

Cooking Area570 sq in (429 sq in lower rack + 141 sq in upper rack)
Pellet Hopper Capacity18 lbs
Temp Range160º F – 500ºF
Temp ProbesTwo meat probes
ControlerGen 2 PID controller with digital display
Exterior MaterialPainted Steel
Warranty3 years
PriceCheck Latest Price

or a direct flame searing method, it still offers a great grilling and smoking experience.  

What I like:

  • Temperature accuracy and consistency – Few grills currently on the market have proven to show this level of consistency and accuracy (see our testing section below for the exact numbers)
  • Ash cleanout the Camp Chef cleanout system is one of the simplest and most effective features for regular cleaning out the firepot in your grill.
  • Startup bypass option – In the event you ever have an electrical malfunction (electricity goes out momentarily, accidentally unplug grill, overload a house breaker circuit), this feature allows you to fire up the grill, bypass the startup mode, and get right back to where you were. If the fire is still burning when the grill is started back up, just bypass startup mode, and get back to it!
  • Smoke control adjustability – There aren’t many grills that give you this much control of the level of smoke you can get from your grill/smoker. The DLX WiFi allows you to set the smoke level at any “low and slow” temperature AND gives you a Low Smoke and High Smoke setting automatically built in too. You want more smoke? You got it! You want less? You got it! You don’t like smoke? You’re reading the wrong article. Check out our flat top griddle reviews.
  • Available add-on options – Camp Chef offers a great line of add-on accessories for almost all of their grills. Add-ons include: front shelf for food prep/cooking assistance, Sidekick add on system, protective covers, grill blankets, and jerky racks.

What I don’t like:

  • Searing – Without a direct flame searing method, this grill only gets up to around 500~540°F. Luckily if searing is a priority you can always add the Sidekick.  

Unboxing and assembly the DLX

I could not have been happier with what I found when I opened the box. No scratches, dents, chips, scrapes, NOTHING! FLAWLESS. After unboxing many grills and smokers now, this was a refreshing surprise. 

I have come to expect EVERY grill or smoker to have at least a couple of parts that have some blemishes, and after I saw the condition the box was in I wasn’t holding my breath.

This grill was easy to assemble, taking me about 50 minutes by myself. There were no strange connections of parts or vague instructions that left me guessing.

It wouldn’t hurt to have 2 people during the stage where you have to raise the grill up onto its legs, but that is not required for this size grill. I was able to easily do that by myself.

Either way, make sure you have cardboard underneath the grill body so you don’t scratch it when you bring it upright.

a man assembling Camp Chef DLX 24 with a screwdriver

Tools used were: a screw driver and a cordless drill (for installing screws, not drilling holes). Power tools are not needed, but are typically welcome. 

The fit and finish quality of this grill was top-notch

I could not see a single blemish anywhere.

Camp Chef DLX 24 grill grates

I was neither impressed nor disappointed in the strength of the parts of this grill. Each part appeared to be adequate strength for its task, but not overly stout.

The grates are adequate for the job but are a bit thin and flimsy for my preference. 

Using the Camp Chef DLX WiFi

I found the grill to be very simple to use. I really liked being able to adjust the smoke level to my preferences with the turn dial on the grill control panel. 

If you’ve suffered from a lack of smoke flavor on a pellet grill in the past, you’ll appreciate this option.

The hopper held more than enough pellets for a nice long smoke. 

The burgers I grilled turned out excellent, having a great flavor and just the right temp. I was a bit disappointed in the max grill temp of the grill. It just didn’t get to the hot searing temp I prefer, especially for my steaks. 

If you want to grill and sear at high temps you’ll definitely want to add the sidekick on. Check out my Woodwind review where I do an in-depth look at the sidekick.

The grill maneuvers around easily with integrated grill wheels and hopper handle. 

On the Low Smoke and High Smoke setting, the grill provides a light steady puff of smoke.

Cleaning the inside of the grill is straightforward. I clean the ashpot after every cook using the cleanout system that Camp Chef created. It looks kinda like a coffee cup just below the firepot. You pull the handle on the side of the grill, which is connected to a trap door under the firepot. 

The ashes drop down into the “coffee can”. You then just take the can off and dump the ashes.

The pellet feed feature makes it easy to prep the grill for use after the grill has been completely purged of pellets in the auger system.

This comes in handy if you ever run out of pellets mid-cook, or want to remove all pellets from your grill so they don’t swell or fall apart due to humid climates, or if you decide to change the pellet wood type from one to another.

I didn’t really come across any nuances with the grill. It is straightforward and easy to use. I used the meat probes several times and found their temperature accuracy to be on par with my other thermometers. I wish there was an alarm setting for the meat probes though. 

Accessory options

Along with the DLX WiFi, I also reviewed the following accessories as well as Camp Chef pellets.

Sidekick cooking add-on system

a large pot with boiling crab legs on a camp chef sidekick cooking system

The Sidekick system is a little pricey, but man is it powerful! With 30,000 BTUs and multiple accessories to use (griddle, grill box, pizza oven) this propane-powered add-on cooking system is an excellent complement to the grill.

I used it to boil a large stockpot of crab legs with ease. I also utilized the included griddle to make some bacon eggs. The cast iron griddle is very heavy duty. 

DLX WiFi protective cover

camp chef pellet grill protective cover in a packaging box

The Camp Chef cover is made of very tough material. It fits tight to the grill when used with the Sidekick, but it covers the whole grill well. A cover is a must if your grill will be used in a covered area. I wouldn’t hesitate in getting this grill cover. I expect it to last quite some time. 

Camp Chef pellets

camp chef pellets

I have had the pleasure of using Camp Chef pellets before when testing the Camp Chef Woodwind. I have also had the pleasure of trying many different brands and flavors.

I am happy to say that these are STILL among my favorite pellets to use. They are about the average price for most pellets, neither being the highest priced nor the cheapest. But the flavor is definitely there. They burn clean. The flavor is pronounced and distinctive. And they offer a nice variety of flavors. 

How good is the temp accuracy & consistency? 

The numbers I recorded with my Thermoworks Signals setup was quite remarkable.

Thermoworks Signals set up on Camp Chef DLX 24 pellet grill

This grill is super consistent on temperature AND well balanced from grill section to section. This is, possibly, the best I have seen from a pellet grill. 

Temperature accuracy test:

Grill SettingLeft SectionMiddle sectionRight Section
Low Smoke155°F157°F158°F
High Smoke205°F208°F208°F
225°F @ Smoke Level 1209°F213°F213°F
225°F @ Smoke Level 10206°F208°F211°F

Temperature fluctuation test:
(how much the temperature changed from average during testing)

Grill SettingTemperature
Low Smoke20.5°F
High Smoke5.5°F
225°F @ Smoke Level 16.5°F
225°F @ Smoke Level 1016°F

Pellet consumption: 

Average consumption rate at 225°F~ ¾ lb per hour
Average consumption rate at 500°F~ 1¾ – 2 lbs per hour

Alternatives to consider

This is quite a crowded class, so there are plenty to choose from. There are multiple models in this category from multiple brands including: Pit Boss, Traeger and Z Grills.

The DLX is priced very competitively within this field of contenders. You might find one of the other competitors to have more features, but you WON’T find one that has better accuracy and consistency. 

Aside from that, the only other REAL question to answer is: should you get the DLX or the Woodwind?

I personally think the larger size of the Woodwind 24, plus use of more stainless steel and the slide and sear system make it a worthwhile upgrade.

Camp Chef application screenshots
The Camp Chef App has a lot of functionality and allows users to remotely control the grill

The slide and sear alone would not be worth the extra money since you do have the option to add the sidekick.

If you’re a serious griller and you’re planning the long term, get the Woodwind grill WITH the Sidekick, a FRONT Shelf add-on, and a cover. You’ll be glad you did.

Should you buy Camp Chef DLX WiFi pellet grill?

If you are looking for a reliable, modest-sized smoker, the DLX is a great choice for well under $1,000.

The searing ability can be remedied with the addition of the Sidekick, but of course will cost you additional money.

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