Holy Grail Steak Co Review: Rare & Expensive Steak Delivered:

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It was only a few years ago that you’d have to book a flight to Japan to get a taste of authentic Kobe beef.

That is unless you wanted to fork out an arm and a leg at once of the few Michelin-star restaurants that managed to import it.

Today there are a few companies working to make the best steak more accessible to the average consumer.

Holy Grail Steak Co hold one of only six licenses to retail Kobe Beef in the United States.

Holy Grail Steak Co sent me a selection of meat for free in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

“We were marching as one, on the road to the holy grail”

Holy Grail Steak Co offers a range of ultra-rare Wagyu beef offerings, as well as an impressive collection of American and Australian beef.

The prices are on the eye-wateringly expensive side, which is understandable given the lengths they go to to source the best and rarest steak in the world.

The company was founded by a group of professional “wine sourcerers” who started working with a community of chefs to which they provided high-end wine to source high-end meat.

You can see this influence in the way they value the process that goes into producing the steak that ends up on your plate.

“We saw how lineage, terroir, and nurture combine to create a pinnacle, whether in the bottle or on the grill”


The company name is a reference to their continual hunt to find the “holy grail,” the perfect steak. We recently included Holy Grail Steak Co in our round-up of the best online steaks.

Ordering and shipping

On the website, meat is broken up into “Collections” which lets you browse certain types of steak.

These include:

  • Japanese Wagyu
  • American Wagyu
  • Certified Akaushi
  • Australian Wagyu
  • Prime Black Angus

There are plenty of different regions, grades, and cuts to choose from within those categories.

Did we mention the eye-wateringly expensive prices? To give you an idea, a single 14-16OZ A5 Kobe Ribeye will set you back $349.00.

If you’re struggling to choose you can’t go wrong with the Steak Flights section, where you can choose from a range of different steak sampler packages like “Legends of Japan” and “Wagyu Sampler”.

These are updated regularly and sell out quickly.

The folks over at Holy Grail sent us a mystery box to sample.

During the checkout process, you can select your delivery date so you can make sure you’ll be home when the package arrives.

The box arrived packaged very tightly with lots of insulation.

All contents sat outside in the heat for most of the day, but all the meat was still nice and cold when I managed to get the box opened that evening.

Good packaging Holy Grail Co!

We received a nice selection of different products, including:

  • 8oz Wagyu ground beef burger patties
  • 16oz American raised Tajima Wagyu ribeye
  • 14 oz Japanese A5 Wagyu Ozaki Farm Strip Steak

Testing the meat from Holy Grail Steak Co

Here is a breakdown of all the details of how I prepared and cooked each meat.

Wagyu Burgers

Seasoning/Preparation Method: Salt N Pepper
Cooking Method: Grilled
Presentation: Topped with American cheese and served on brushed butter Sola buns. No condiments! Just meat and cheese.

Verdict: This is how a burger is done! I’m not knocking Angus beef in any way, but these Wagyu beef patties are dang good!

If you’ve never tried a Wagyu beef burger, you should give it a try.

Although the patties didn’t look to have a lot of fat mixed in with them, the burgers turned out very juicy.

I believe these patties are coarse ground only, so they provide a heartier, chunkier, slightly firmer feel to them than some ground beef that has been finer ground or double ground.

Though I tend to prefer a finer ground generally myself, I found these quite enjoyable and would eat them again.

Japanese A5 Wagyu Ozaki Farm Strip Steak

Seasoning/Preparation Method: Salt N Pepper
Cooking Method: Seared on a cast iron griddle on my grill
Presentation: Nothing but steak baby!

Verdict: If butter mated with a steak and they had a lovechild together, that would be this steak!

Sorry, that is the best explanation I got for you! The creaminess and velvety texture of this steak can’t be overstated.

I was able to cut this steak with a fork. That’s a first for me! The beef flavor profile was a little different than the typical Angus beef that I’m used to.

I can’t quite put my finger on it. It was an intriguing flavor tasting adventure.

The juiciness and tenderness was obviously off the charts with this steak. It was everything you would expect from a steak that is comprised of at least 50% marbling or more.

American raised Tajima Wagyu ribeye

Seasoning/Preparation Method: Salt N Pepper
Cooking Method: Reverse Seared
Presentation: Served with some sauteed yellow squash drizzled with butter.

Verdict: This was a much heartier tasting steak. It definitely still had amazing marbling, but the percentage of actual beef was much greater.

Since the steak was about 1-¼” thick or so, I prefer to use a reverse sear method.

This steak produced a nice crispy crust while searing it in a frying pan as well.

Much like the strip steak, this steak also had a beef taste that is slightly different than typical Angus beef.

It was neither better or worse, just different, like discovering a steak with a taste you’ve never had before!

Final thoughts

The Wagyu patties are a hit. I would definitely get some more and make for a cookout or party. My wife loved them as well.

The Japanese A5 Wagyu Ozaki Farm Strip Steak is nothing short of exotic. It is probably best enjoyed in moderation.

It is so buttery tasting from the rendered fat content that it becomes overwhelming with a large portion.

My wife and I split this steak, but I would even consider splitting it between more people. It is very rich!

A word of caution: This steak is not for the faint of fat! If you are someone who trims all the fat off of your steak, don’t even bother with this one. It’s not for you.

If you are a steak lover who enjoys the taste and flavoring of some fat when it’s attached to your steak, then go for it! You will enjoy this one!

Anyone (who would normally eat a ribeye) would enjoy the American Raised Tajima Wagyu ribeyes.

They have a great flavor profile with plenty of marbling without being overwhelming to those who shy away from fat.

If fatty steaks aren’t your jam, Holy Grail Steak Co. has plenty of offerings, including leaner filet options.

An order from Holy Grail Steak Co would make an excellent treat for a special occasion, and if you’ve never tried Wagyu or Kobe beef it’s worth saving up just to experience it one time.

This is definitely one to put on your meat-eating bucket list.

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