Magma Crossover Review: The Best Modular RV and Camping Grill?

Magma Crossover Grill Review

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If you are into camping or Rving and need a portable option for all things cooking, the Magma Crossover Grill might be for you. A compact modular system, the Magma has many different attachments, configurations and mounting options to meet your cooking needs. 

My family loves to camp and travel so when I was given the opportunity to test and review this grill, I got really excited about the possibilities.

I will go over what I thought of the grilling system, explain the different attachments, and show you how to set it up and get cooking.

BBQ Guys sent me this grill for free in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Magma Crossover Grill overview & first impressions 

I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with the Magma brand so I had to do some investigation. They’ve been making high-end grills and accessories for the marine industry for a number of years.

Magma Crossover Grill bundle packaging

With the Magma Crossover, they’ve partnered up with to offer a highly portable, modular cooking system.

I made a short video that runs through all the key features you can check out below.

Magma Crossover Grill specifications:

Total Grilling Area196 sq in – single burner
448 sq in – double burner
Grilling Surface BTUs15000 – single burner
30000 – double burner
Exterior MaterialStainless Steel
Ignition TypeSingle Spark
WiFi/Bluetooth EnabledNo
PriceCheck Latest Price

The Crossover range consists of the following:

  • 2 firebox sizes
  • 4 unique cooking tops
  • 3 mounting options

While you can swap between any of the different cooking tops, you’ll need to decide up front if you want a single burner or the double burner firebox. 

The single burner can feed 2-4 people which is the one I reviewed, while the double burner can feed 4 or more. The double burner is also the way to go if you want to run two attachments at once, e.g. the grill and the pizza oven. 

a close up view of the Magma Crossover single-burner firebox with closed lid

The burner is compatible with 1 lb propane cylinders or 20 lb tanks and RV or boat gas lines. They use a single click piezo ignition system which allows you to ignite the grill without any power from a battery. 

After you have selected your burner firebox, it’s time to decide which cooking tops you want to get. As I mentioned previously there are 4 options to choose from. Each of them are easily interchangeable but you must have the firebox first in order to use any of the other cooking attachments. 

The most obvious choice would have to be the grill top. It is made out of commercial-grade stainless steel with a rust-resistant cast aluminum base. It can quickly reach temperatures up to 700 degrees and has a diffuser plate that evenly distributes heat. It does have a lid as well and an integrated thermometer to track all your temps while cooking. 

Magma Crossover with Grill Top

I was also able to test the griddle top which felt very solid and I was impressed with the way it evenly distributed heat. The nonstick feature was excellent and I had no trouble making smash burgers or wiping it down to clean afterwards. Each grilling attachment also comes with a handle for easy transport.

Magma Crossover with griddle top

The pizza oven top is another great attachment and can quickly get up to 700 degrees and cook pizzas up to 12 inches around. It is also made out of commercial-grade stainless steel and seems well built.

Magma Crossover with pizza oven top

What I like: 

  • Easy to assemble and get to cooking
  • Portability of each accessory including the quad pod  
  • Design and build quality 
  • Folding side shelf w/ slide out cutting board
  • Gets hot for a small grill 

What I don’t like: 

  • Price – on the higher end for a travel grill
  • Grill top could use a little more support on the mounting systems

You can order the Magma Crossover in a variety of different bundles. Starting at the basic end a single burner firebox with grill top will set you back just over $1,000 while double burner with all accessories will run you well over $2,000. 

Setting up the Magma Crossover Grill

Setting up the grill is very easy, but you will need something to mount it with. I used the quad pod stand which elevates your grill top for easy use. The legs have adjustable feet so you can make sure you have an even cooking surface. The quad pod is also collapsible so it can easily be stored when not in use.

Magma Crossover grill quad pod stand close up view

You can also get a trailer hitch slide mount or a surface slide mount when you are on the go. The trailer hitch mount is used on a trailer hitch and features a quick release clamp and pin for easy removal. The surface slide mount is used to bolt onto the side of a boat or RV. It also has the quick release clamp and release pin. 

The quad pod gives you a bit more flexibility in that you can set up your grill anywhere.

A side view of the Magma Crossover grill gas mount with propane cylinder

After I set up the quad pod and made sure everything was level, I attached the quick release clamp to the bottom of my single burner firebox and slid it in place and clamped it securely. I then attached my gas to the side mount and was ready to cook. 

It was that easy. I’d say I had everything set up in under 5 minutes. 

Cooking on the Magma Crossover

I put the Magma to the test by making smash burgers on the griddle top attachment and some chicken and steak kabobs on the grill top.

The single burner firebox was easy to ignite and came up to temperature pretty quickly. I put together some beef kabobs for dinner and they came out delicious. The grill top was hot enough to sear and give some nice char to the beef and vegetables. 

The front of the grill gets a little hotter than the back so I rotated everything occasionally to maintain even cooking. 

beef kabobs on Magma Crossover grill top
Grilled steak kabobs on the Magma Crossover

I also grilled some chicken and it was quick and effortless. It felt like I was grilling on any traditional gas grill and I had no issues at all. 

One feature of the burner that I really like is the lid that folds out to become a shelf and cutting board. The shelf was pretty sturdy, although I wouldn’t put anything too heavy on it and it has a removable plastic cutting board which is great when you make a mess and want to take it out to clean. 

a close up view of the Magma Crossover Firebox with closed lid

Cleaning up was pretty easy and overall I don’t think you can ask for much more on a portable cooktop. 

The griddle attachment was also fun to use. Smash burgers are a family favorite and they always make for a quick and easy meal. I was a little skeptical on how hot the griddle top would get and if it would cook evenly.

two smash burger patties in Magma Crossover griddle top

It did take about 15 minutes for the griddle top to get hot enough to get the beef to sizzle but after it was heated up, I had no issue maintaining temps. I could easily fit 4 burgers on there and was able to cook up some juicy smash burgers for the family.

Clean up was also a breeze, as nothing stuck to the griddle and could be wiped down with a damp paper towel. There is also a drain port for easily scraping back the grease with removal drip pans. 

How portable is the Magma Crossover Grill?

Traveling with the Magma Crossover grill is pretty easy! It really does seem like each piece was thought through and designed with travel and portability in mind. 

The quad pod folds up and everything is compact, with each accessory having its own handle for carrying. Just slide everything into the back of your car or RV and go. 

a side view of the Magma Crossover grill top with handle on top

Should you buy the Magma Crossover Grill?

The Magma Crossover Series is an all-in-one system for people on the go. Whether you want to take it camping, to the beach, or on the lake, this is a cooking system you will want to consider. 

With various cooktop options, you can flip pancakes on the griddle, saute vegetables, grill steak on the grill top, and even make an oven-baked pizza. It’s an all-in-one and the combinations are impressive for a travel grill system. 

Build wise, it appears to be very durable and well made. It also comes with a three-year warranty and protection plan that goes well beyond that so you can enjoy it for many years to come. 

Personally, I have never seen a portable grilling system like this and was highly impressed. If you are looking for a compact system with a variety of options that will last you a long time, I would highly recommend it.

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