Red Dragon Propane Torch Review

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We’re big fans of the humble charcoal chimney starter.

They’re cheap and effective and get the job done.

But sometimes you’re in a hurry. Or maybe you just want to go nuclear on your charcoal.

That’s where the Red Dragon Propane Torch comes in.

Originally marketed to flame weeds and brush, thaw pipes and melt snow, it’s gained a following in the barbecue community thanks to its ability to light charcoal fast.

First Impressions

My initial thought when first setting eyes on the Red Dragon Premium Propane Torch was, “This is AMAZING!!”.

I was not disappointed as this torch did exactly what it is advertised to do and it was easy to setup. I had this thing unpackaged and in use within 15 minutes.

My initial run at starting the coals was about 20 seconds of direct fire from the torch. I began to see the coal turning red, so I thought they were lit.

However, I was wrong! I took another go at it with approximately 30 seconds and at that point, they were lit.

What I liked:

  • The size and weight of the Red Dragon made it easy to handle.
  • The length of the rubber hose provided the perfect amount of distance to move around my pit without having to drag the propane tank around.
  • Flame adjusting needle valve.
  • I felt comfort in the fact that it has a built-in safety check valve.
  • I like that it comes with a spark lighter that is very simple to use.

What I didn’t like:

  • After 30 seconds of torching the coals, the powder coat began to char and crumble off.
  • I would prefer to have teflon tape versus the Pipe Thread Sealant. The torch would not stay lit during my second use due to a leak on both ends of the hose. I had to tighten the fittings before it would maintain the jet thrust that it had during the initial use. This would not have been the case with teflon tape.

Overall this is a wonderful product for large scale pitmasters.

This product is a bit of an overkill for your day to day backyard BBQ Pitmaster where a simple charcoal chimney will get the job done.

However, for those large scale pitmasters, this is the tool to get the pit going quick.

This tool would also be great for cleaning out your smoker or getting it warmed up before use on a cold day.

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Packaging and unboxing

Inside the box you will find a 500,000 BTU Red Dragon Torch w/ 28” Handle and 10’ U.L Listed Rubber LP-Gas Hose, as well as:

  • Pipe Thread Sealant
  • U.L. Listed POL Cylinder Connector w/ built-in Safety Check
  • Flame Adjusting Needle Valve
  • Spark Lighter
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick Start Guide

The Red Dragon was packaged securely so none of the items could move while being shipped.

All associated components are lightweight and have a nice clean look.

The 28” Torch Handle appears to have a red powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and provide a stylish look.

Setting Up & Using the Red Dragon

You will need two adjustable wrenches for assembly of the fittings.

Setup of this product is very simple. It is as easy as applying Pipe Thread Sealant to each fitting and to the male end of the hose.

Note: DO NOT throw the pill with the pipe thread sealant in the trash. You will need this for the assembly process. However, teflon tape is a good substitute for the sealant.

You will need a propane tank that is 20 pounds or greater (I prefer 20 pounds due to transportability).

Wrapping it up

I found this product nice and easy to use.

f you follow the quick reference from the start you will be up and running within 15 minutes.

Don’t be disappointed when your torch tip discolors. I’m a fan of the Red Dragon!

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