Traeger Timberline Review: One Year Later

traeger timberline review

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The Traeger Timberline XL represents the latest and greatest from Traeger. It’s their most feature-packed, high-tech grill, with a price point that’ll make your eyes water.

When this grill was first released, the price was all we could talk about anyway.

I’ve been using this pellet grill for over a year now, cooking for my family and also doing some catering, so I thought it was time for a full Timberline review.

I’ve also recorded a video review of my experience owning this grill, so check that out if you would prefer to watch a video.

Traeger Timberline XL One Year Review: This Grill Surprised Me
Traeger Timberline XL WiFi Pellet Grill
  • Easy-to-use full-color touchscreen PID controller
  • Temperature range up to 500°F
  • Smoke insulation
  • Built-in induction plate
  • Oven-style racking system
  • Grease management system’s location
  • Small sized wheels
  • High price
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Overview and First Impressions

Between us, the Smoked BBQ Source has used just about every Traeger model over the years, including the previous generation Timberline 1300. So when Traeger announced that they were redesigning their flagship grill we were excited to get our hands on it.

Like many of you, when we saw the sticker price of this new model, we were initially shocked.

With a price tag higher than some premium, made-in-the-USA brands, how could it possibly live up to the price?

I’ll attempt to answer that question in this review, but first lets go through what’s new with the Timberline.

Now, I’m reviewing the Traeger Timberline XL. The cooking area is the only significant difference between this model and the Traeger Timberline. XL gives you 1320 square inches of cooking space versus 880 square inches. But the original still has the same updated features.

Traeger Timberline specifications:

TimberlineTimberline XL
Cooking capacity880 sq. in.1320 sq. in.
Pellet hopper capacity22 lbs22 lbs
Grilling areaRack 1 – 396
Rack 2 – 242
Rack 3 – 242
Rack 1 – 594
Rack 2 – 363
Rack 3 – 363
Max temperature500°F500°F
Weight238 lbs289 lbs
PriceCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Let’s start with the build. I’m pleased to report the upgraded pellet grill feels a lot sturdier than its predecessor. It weighs in at 298lbs versus 226lbs for the previous model.

You also get some cool newly added features including a touchscreen controller with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to the app. With its timer and probe alerts, the user-friendly controller makes smoking a breeze.

Add great storage, accessories, and clean-up, and you have all the ingredients for a winning wood pellet grill.

What I like:

  • The controller – The D2 Direct Drive WiFIRE PID full-color touchscreen controller is straightforward to use and read.
  • The temperature range – You can easily adjust the temperature in five-degree increments (from 165 to 500 degrees) and change the pit mode from Super Smoke to Keep Warm.
  • How it holds the smoke – Thanks to a fully-insulated double-walled cooking chamber and the Traeger Downdraft Exhaust® System, I’m genuinely impressed with how this pit holds the smoke.
  • The induction plate – I honestly didn’t think I’d use the built-in induction plate, but I love it!
  • The oven-style racking system – I did make fun of this at first. But the oven-style three-tier cooking rack system is my favorite feature. It’s so nice not to have a fixed-rack position.

What I don’t like:

  • The wheels – I’d also choose larger rotating castors in an ideal world. The smaller size makes it challenging to get your foot underneath to lock them in place.
  • The price – The Timberline XL grill isn’t cheap.

After a year, I’m still impressed with the consistent cooking results across the large space. When you combine the improved build quality with all of the nice-to-have features and the cart and induction plate, you start to be able to justify that price point.

Unboxing and setup

Traeger always packages their grills perfectly, so they arrive dent-free. It also comes in a big box as it’s essentially already assembled. You have to love that!

timberline XL pellet grill packaging

It took the boys and me about an hour for assembly, and you’ll need at least two people because the Traeger Timberline XL lives up to its name. It’s on the heavy side at 289lbs. It’s also 71 inches long, 51 inches high, and 25 inches deep.

As for the setup, the burn-off process was the easiest I’ve ever done. Yep, you heard me! All I had to do was fill up the hopper with pellets, turn it on, and then follow the directions on the controller. Then, you sit back and relax as it completes the cycle. Once it cools off, it’s time to start cooking.

Build quality

Even a year later, I’m impressed with the Traeger Timberline XL’s build quality.

The grates are made from stainless steel. This means they’re effortless to clean and more durable. I like to think the bottom racks are pretty much indestructible!

Traeger Timberline XL grill grates

The fully insulated dual-wall construction is of supreme quality and doesn’t leak. There’s also a gasket built into the lid, so the smoke exits out the down-drafting system in the back like it’s supposed to.

Some other box-store pellet smoker grills leak like sieves, but not this Traeger Timberline model. This high-quality structure is reflected in the price. You get what you pay for.

Cooking on the Traeger Timberline XL

I go through all my experience cooking on the Timberline in the video, but I’ve summarized my thoughts below:

Induction plate

traeger timberline XL pellet grill induction plate

The built-in Traeger Induction cooktop on the grill’s side is one reason this model is a game changer. Heating a side or sauce right next to the pit is easy and convenient.

With this outdoor kitchen, there’s no need to move back and forth between the grill and your kitchen’s stovetop. The induction burner also has a durable cover, doubling as an extra shelf when needed.

Ease of operation

traeger timberline full color touchscreen PID controller

The Traeger Timberline pellet grill couldn’t be easier to use thanks to the touchscreen control panel. I like how I can easily set timers and a probe alert for when I reach my cooking temperature. There are two probe ports you can use simultaneously.

Pellet hopper

traeger timberline pellet hopper

The pellet hopper can hold 22 pounds of wood pellets – enough for an overnight cook. There’s also a built-in low pellet fuel sensor. This is great for those of us who sometimes forget to open the lid and double-check. On top of the hopper lid is also a magnetic removable bamboo cutting board.

Cooking performance

Regarding cooking on this Traeger pellet grill, I’ve had some fabulous (and tasty) results. I’ve filled this pit up several times with pork butt when I’ve had to cook for large gatherings. The results were great, and everything finished at the same time.

pork butts smoking on the Traeger Timberline XL pellet grill

I also didn’t think I’d use all three levels, but I’ve pleasantly surprised myself more than once. I’ve filled up the oven-style cooking racks with chicken drumsticks and wings to feed hungry teenagers with even cooking results.

One of my go-to dishes is pork ribs, and they come off this pit with fantastic color and a good smoky flavor. My family and I also love grilled shrimp. The Timberline gives them the perfect amount of wood smoky flavor every time.

Using the app

recipes of the week on the traeger app

The app is very user-friendly, and the display is big enough I don’t even need my glasses! You can name your Traeger grill, so I called mine Easy BO (Bake Oven) because it is so easy to use.

The app also has many recipes and a recipe of the week feature. The Traeger app covers you if you’re caught out and need inspiration.


Traeger Timberline EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg

Traeger is known for their EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg system. This easy-to-use grease management system is located in the cabinet underneath. Yep, no more grease pale hanging off the end of the pit for your dog to steal.

All you have to do is scrape the grease from the cooking chamber into the keg and then switch out the liner. I also give the chamber a quick vacuum. As for the racks, I think stainless steel racks are a lot easier to clean.


Traeger Timberline cabinet and removable side shelves

The storage and cart system on the Timberline is the best out of any pellet grill I’ve tested. You have a large cabinet underneath and two removable side shelves. The removable aspect is helpful when you need to dump out your pellets.

With this Traeger grill, you also get a pellet bin, which is excellent for storing pellets.


Butcher paper holder on a Traeger Pop-And-Lock® system

Traeger’s signature P.A.L. Pop-And-Lock® system includes add-ons to customize your grill. You can “pop” them wherever you like. Accessories include a spice rack, a removable front shelf (my favorite), tool hooks, and a paper towel/butcher paper holder.

My other favorite is the Timberline XL full-length grill cover. It’s made of high-quality material, so I feel comfortable letting my grill sit outside year-round. As you can see from the video, it still essentially looks brand new a year later.

Other pellet grills to consider

First, you could opt for the Traeger Ironwood. It got an update in 2023 around the same time as the Timberline.

You give up some of the outdoor kitchen features including the induction burner.

traeger ironwood pellet grill
The Ironwood sits in the middle of the Traeger lineup

If you’re looking for an American-made grill, we’ve done a side-by-side review, pitting the Traeger Timberline against the Yoder YS640S. The Yoder grill is Wi-Fi enabled and connects to the FireBoard app. It also has 1,070 square inches of cooking space across two shelves.

What it doesn’t have is the induction plate or the pellet dumper. But coming in a lot cheaper than the Traeger Timberline, it’s a worthy alternative to check out.

Other alternatives with hefty price tags include MAK Grills and Lone Star Grillz.

Final verdict

My experience with the Traeger Timberline review has been almost all positive. I’ve loved my experience using the Traeger Timberline XL, but I know it might not be for everyone.

I think it’s perfect for large families or someone who frequently cooks for many people. The Timberline would make a great built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen.

With ample cooking space, extra storage, high-tech connectivity, and a built-in induction plate, this pit is a great choice, if you have the budget for it.

Traeger Timberline XL WiFi Pellet Grill
  • Easy-to-use full-color touchscreen PID controller
  • Temperature range up to 500°F
  • Smoke insulation
  • Built-in induction plate
  • Oven-style racking system
  • Grease management system’s location
  • Small sized wheels
  • High price
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