Victory 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill Review: The Midrange Value Sweetspot

Victory 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill With Infrared Side Burner Review

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I’m always on the lookout for grills that hit the sweet spot of good design and value I recommmend to folks who don’t have huge budgets but still want great performance.

The new lineup Victory grills produced by BBQ Guys seemed like I good candidate so I was excited when they offered to send one out for me to try.

In this review, I’ll go over my experience cooking on the Victory 3-burner gas grill, what I like about it and what I think needs some work.

Read on to find out if the Victory gas gril is right for you.

BBQGuys sent me this grill for free in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Victory 3-Burner Propane Grill w/ Infrared Side Burner

  • Gets real hot fast
  • Even heat with no hot and cold spots
  • Great size and features for the price
  • Larger footprint than other 3 burner grills
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Victory gas grill overview and first impressions sells a large range of grills, smokers, and outdoor kitchen gear. They’ve recently launched their own line of Victory grills. I was impressed with the size and features of the Victory pellet grill, so I was keen to see how the propane grill performed.

We’ve also done a review of the Victory Kamado grill you can check out if you want an alternative option to gas.

After several weeks of cooking on it, I can confidently say the the Victory 3-burner gas grill is an A+ performer with premium features that make it stand out at its price point.

Before I dive into my experience cooking on this grill let’s run through the specs.

Victory gas grill specifications:

Cooking Area626 square inches (464 main rack + 162 top rack)
Total Burner BTUs36,000 BTUs
ConstructionAll stainless steel construction
Shelves and StorageSide shelves with 8 hooks for utensils and tools, fully enclosed bottom storage cart
Full TypePropane
PriceCheck Latest Price

The Victory 3-burner gas grill can hang with any grill at the low-midrange level.

It has three stainless steel burners putting out over 36,000 BTU at the cooking surface. Easy ignition is built right into the knobs with a battery free piezo igniter, giving you reliable ignition.

Crossover channels between each set of burners allows you to light them all once you have one lit. 

The Victory boasts 464 square inches of main cooking space with a 162 square inch warming rack. That’s enough space to feed your family and a few friends as well. The infrared side burner gets hot fast for that final sear.

There are a myriad of other premium features, like four caster wheels, storage and utensil hooks, full-width grease tray, a super-accurate thermometer and triple ridge flame tamers to disperse even heat while preventing flare ups.

This grill has the premium features and performance that make it well worth the price tag.

What I like:

  • Performance – Not only does the grill get super hot quickly, but the flame tamers disperse heat evenly throughout the cooking surface eliminating hot and cold spots. The Victory grill also has fantastic temperature control if you need to do multi-zone cooking. You can fine tune the burners to do everything from low and slow to high heat searing.
  • Size & Storage – The cooking area rivals some 4-burner grills, and if you take the warming rack off, you could fit 4 – 6 pork butts depending on their size no problem. The full under cart can store grill tools and the side shelves are great for prep and utensils.
  • Easy Clean Up – The all stainless steel construction makes this super easy to clean. The full-width grease tray is a boon for clean-up and is seen on some commercial ovens, so you can spend more time cooking on your grill and not maintaining it. 
  • All Stainless Steel – Aside from making it easy to clean, the stainless steel construction gives peace of mind for your long term asset. There are no plastic parts that will oxidize, discolor or break over time in the elements. 

What I don’t like:

  • Cumbersome Construction – The included bolts for construction did not seat easily into the threads. Some seemed too short to make contact when assembling the base cart when seated with washers.
  • Big footprint – I love the side shelves and the utensil hooks built in, but it makes for a larger grill footprint for storing in between cooks. I wouldn’t mind if they folded down to save some patio or garage room. 

Unboxing and Setup

The Victory gas grill comes in a branded box that was smaller than I thought. I didn’t think it would be as big a grill as it is with the size of the box, but it’s so expertly packed for the final product.

Assembly was straight forward starting from the base and building up, and moves quickly once you get the grill top in place, but there were some hang ups with the bolts seating into place that elongated the process.

Seating the screws into the base to build the bottom storage area was frustrating at times as I didn’t want to strip the threads, but also wanted to make sure everything was seated and torqued down properly.

All in all, it took over 90 minutes to finish assembly, which isn’t terrible, but would have probably been under an hour without the bolt seat issue. 

Build Quality

The overall build quality is fantastic for a grill at this price range. I was concerned that the bottom sides were too flimsy, but it all ties together perfectly in the end.

Almost every component in the grill body is built using 18-gauge stainless steel, making for a durable long-lasting grill.

victory gas grill grates

The Stainless steel also protects against rust and corrosion over long term use. For more on the benefits of this material check out our guide to the best stainless steel grills.

The cooking chamber itself is rugged and durable thicker walls and a hefty 20-gauge steel lid that retains heat, but isn’t hard to open. It also closes slowly preventing slams.

Their R&D put the grill through 9 months of rigorous wear testing to make sure all these features protect your investment for the long term.

Castor wheels make moving the grill easy

I have no issues leaving this on the patio in any weather for the foreseeable future. 

Cooking on the Victory 3-burner gas grill

Finally, we got to the fun part – firing up and cooking. 

The grill runs on a standard propane tank that sits out of sight in the under cart. Each knob has a battery-free piezo igniter that you just push and turn to light any burner. Sometimes it takes a time or two to click and light a burner, but the Victory fired up on the first try.

Once that burner lit, I was going to do the same with the others, but the built in crossover channels light the other burners simply by turning their knobs to on and opening the gas flow.

One of the easiest gas grills I’ve ever lit.

Each burner has its own control allowing for fine-tuned heat control, especially when paired with the triple ridge flame tamers that sit on top of each burner tube. The flame tamers act as a kind of distributor, leveling out the heat across the grill instead of just straight upward.

The infrared side burner is perfect for final searing of if you’re just cooking for one and don’t want to fire up the whole grill. 

Infrared side burner can be hidden away giving you extra prep area

Chrome plated grill grates are super easy to clean and prevent sticking pretty well. They are thick in diameter and hold heat well giving you those coveted grill marks on the food.

The grease catches everything that drips down – I mean everything. It’s the whole width of the grill and slides out easily after cooking. You can wipe it down, hose it off, and slide it back into place within five minutes. One of my favorite features. 

Overall, we found the grill fires up quickly, maintains even heat and puts out great food in bulk or for one. 

Should you buy the Victory 3-burner gas grill?

If you’re looking for a workhorse gas grill that’s durable but low-maintenance, the Victory 3-burner gas grill may be for you. 

With its large cooking space and hot but efficient burners, this grill is enough to feed your family on a weekday or supply a party on the weekend without skipping a beat.

All food I cooked on the Victory tasted great

Premium features include full-width grease tray, crossover piezo ignition, triple ridger flame tamers, and all stainless steel construction. 

Finally, my confidence in the grill is not misplaced as it comes with a lifetime warranty on the exterior parts and a 15 year warranty on all internal parts. There’s a 2 year warranty on incidentals like ignition and thermometers, which is twice the length of the market competitors. 

With it’s competitive price point and premium features, the Victory 3-burner gas grill is a welcome addition to anyone’s backyard cooking game. 

Victory 3-Burner Propane Grill w/ Infrared Side Burner

  • Gets real hot fast
  • Even heat with no hot and cold spots
  • Great size and features for the price
  • Larger footprint than other 3 burner grills
Check Latest Price at BBQGuys

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