Mat Cotton

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I'm the captain of a Competition BBQ Team here in Aus. I love creating different recipes on our 3/4 tonne smoker (yep, she's a big un'!) From the traditional Texas-style smoked brisket to the more obscure beef cheeks tacos, to lamb empanadas from fall off the bone lamb shoulder. My passion is creating different recipes all from smoked meats. And yes, veggies too (Just don't tell anyone). Leftover smoked meat can create some kick- you-in-the-face-it's-so-delicious meals, and done so simply, anyone can do it. Whether it's slaving over an offset smoker for 12 hours tending to a brisket, or chucking some ribs in a gas smoker, or even - ssshhhhh - chucking some chuck roast in a slow cooker, there's something that everyone can enjoy, without judgement. Because to me, BBQ is about family, friends, and the enjoyment of eating well together.