The 7 Best Grill Smoker Combos of 2024

weber searwood, kamado joe and weber kettle

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We’ve reviewed lots of great grills and lots of great smokers, but what about a grill that can do both?

If having a separate smoker and grill isn’t an option for you, we’ve picked the best smoker grill combos that excel at both tasks at a variety of different price points.

While you can rig almost any grill into a smoker with enough mods, we’ve focused on units that can do both jobs well without needing too much fiddling around.

Our Top Choices For The Best Grill Smoker Combos in 2024

If you want the freedom to grill and smoke on the same device, these are the pits you should buy.

We’ve included charcoal, pellet, and propane grills as each fuel type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that may make it more suited to your needs.

1. Best Grill Smoker Combo – Weber Searwood Pellet Grill

Pellet grills have always had amazing potential as grill smoker combos. They make it so easy to smoke great barbecue, but we’ve always been left disapointed by their grilling capabilities.

Weber’s first stab at a pellet grill, the SmokeFire, came close, but it suffered from some wacky design decisions that resulted in some folks experiencing massive grease fires!

After smoking and grilling on the new Searwood, we can confidently say that this is the best option if you want a single grill that can do it all.

We made a video grilling steak, pork chops, burgers, and even a rotisserie chicken, so watch that if you want to see this grill’s searing capability in action.

The grill can reach 600°F, and unlike many pellet grills, which have small sear zones (like Pit Boss), the entire surface of the Searwood receives direct heat.

This pit does a great job at smoking, too. We fired it up and did a batch of no-wrap ribs. There was a bit of temperature variance so we rotated the ribs during the cook, but the end result was juicy and had a great smoke flavor.

Weber has priced the Searwood extremely competitively. It starts from $899.00 for the smaller size, which is less than the older SmokeFire. You will probably want to add either the folding front or side table, though, as the base grill doesn’t include enough prep areas.

What we like:

  • Grill on the entire surface – The whole surface of the grill gets direct flame for high heat searing
  • Great sear – Meat cooked had a great sear, although for the best sear marks you’ll want to get some aftermarket grates
  • Open lid grilling – Put the grill in manual mode, and it pumps out enough pellets to grill with the lid open
  • Add griddle and rotisserie options – The first pellet grill we’ve tested that allows you to swap out the grates for a full griddle surface or add a rotisserie.

What we don’t like:

  • Hot and cold zones – You’ll definitely still want to rotate meat around when grilling as it gets hotter on the righthand side.
  • Front and side tables are not included – Like with a Traeger, you’ll have to pay extra to get decent prep areas.

We’ve always told people that pellet grills are smokers first and foremost, but with the Searwood you could confidently ditch the gas grill and run this single pit for everything.

Weber Searwood 600 Pellet Grill
  • Direct flame searing across the entire grates
  • Open lid grilling mode
  • Adjustable smoke levels
  • Option to add griddle and rotisserie attachments
  • Some hot and cold zones
  • Front and side shelves not included

2. Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo – Kamado Joe Classic II Ceramic Charcoal Grill

If you like the versatility of a pellet grill but want something a little more hands-on, then a Kamado Joe is our runner up pick for smoking and grilling on a single device.

These ceramic grills are some of the most versatile grills on the planet. Great for both grilling and smoking, they hold their own as a pizza or bread oven as well.

Fueled by charcoal, Kamado grills are exceptionally well insulated, which means they can hold steady temperatures for many hours without you having to babysit them.

While you can’t go wrong with a Big Green Egg, for the money we like the Kamado Joe Classic II. We have a Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe comparison where you can learn more about the differences.

Kamado Joe offers a few different sizes. The 18″ is the sweet spot for most people, although you can opt for the Big Joe if you need extra grilling area.

The 18″ model gives you 406 square inches of grilling area and is capable of smoking temperatures around 225°F all the way up to searing at 750°F

Kamado Joe offers the divide and conquer cooking system which lets you grill different foods at different heights. If you plan on smoking, you’ll want to purchase a heat deflector accessory that protects your food from the direct heat of the charcoal.

There’s also the airlift hinge, which reduces the dome’s weight by 96%—a handy feature for a grill this solid.

What we like:

  • Versatility and ease of use – The Kamado Joe ticks all the boxes for a versatile grill smoker combo. The two-tier grill rack system is super convenient and makes it easy to grill different types of food at once. With the heat deflector, you can easily smoke low and slow all day long without much fuss.
  • Low fuss charcoal – Some people are put off charcoal because they think it’s a lot of work to manage and clean up. While it is a little more hands on, the Kamado Joe is so well insulated it doesn’t require a lot of adjustments to hold a temperature for smoking low and slow, and the ash clean system makes cleanup simple.

What we don’t like:

  • On the expensive side – You definitely pay for the construction quality, and if you need to cook for a large group, you’ll need to go for the more expensive larger option.

It’s worth noting that Kamado Joe released the updated Joe Classic III version in 2019, which included a few improvements to the divide & conquer system and a new feature that increases smoke circulation for supposedly better barbecue taste.

If you need the latest and greatest, it’s technically the best option, but most people won’t notice the difference, and you can save a few hundred bucks with the Classic II.

Kamado Joe Classic II 18 Inch Ceramic Outdoor Grill with Cast Iron Cart & Wheels

With it's "Divide and Conquer" cooking system and thick ceramic construction the Kamado Joe Classic II offers amazing versatility, durability and value for money.


3. Best Tabletop Grill Smoker Combo – Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill

Read our full Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill review.

If you’re looking for something more portable that can grill and smoke, then the Ninja Woodfire is an interesting choice.

This is an electric grill, which we normally wouldn’t recommend unless you are in an apartment or area with strict regulations.

But Ninja has added smoking capabilities, which make this grill super versatile. All you need to do is fill the smoke box with pellets and set the grill to smoke mode.

You can also combine different cooking modes. For example, you could smoke wings and then finish them with an air fry or grill.

What we liked:

  • Excellent smoke flavor – Electric grills struggle to rival gas or charcoal, but by burning wood pellets, you get a really good level of smoke flavor
  • Mobile – Grill is small and light enough that you can pack it away between uses or put it in the back of your car for a camping or tailgate trip
  • Easy to clean – All the mess is contained and easy to clean. Grill grates are easy to remove for scrubbing, and simply empty out the smoke box (if you used it) and drip pan.

What we didn’t like:

  • Could be a little wider – While the compact size is excellent for portability if the grill were a bit wider, it would make this even more versatile.

Since our review, Ninja has released an XL model so check that out if you want. bit more space. And if you want even more versatility, the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Oven, can also make pizza.

Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill
  • Easily add smoke flavor
  • Very easy and safe to use
  • Combine different cooking methods
  • Could be slightly bigger

4. Best Budget Grill Smoker Combo – Weber Original Kettle Premium 22″ Charcoal Grill

Read our full Weber Original Kettle 22″ Review.

The classic Weber Kettle grill is an excellent, affordable grill that can do a surprisingly good job at smoking with a little know-how.

The Weber Kettle needs no introduction as a grill. First created in 1952, it is now commonplace in millions of backyards around the world.

What you might not know is that a standard Weber Kettle can be turned into an excellent smoker.

We have a full guide on how to setup a Kettle grill for smoking. The easiest and cheapest option for low and slow cooks is the ‘snake‘ (also called the ‘fuse”) method. You can see this in practice in this excellent video.

You can also buy various third party attachments like the Slow ‘N Sear which is a stainless steel basket that clips on to your Weber Kettle. Made from heavy duty 304 stainless steal, the attachment is made up of a charcoal basket and a water reservoir.

This keeps everything nicely contained, and leaves more room to place your food. You can also cook for 8 hours on a single load of charcoal.

The Kettle comes in numerous different sizes so you can size up or down depending on how much food you plan on cooking. We wouldn’t recommend going too small as that can make it difficult to use as a smoker.

The 22″ classic original is a great option for the price. If you think you’ll need a lot of space, the 26″ version is also excellent.

What we like:

  • Durable construction – Pressed sheets of steel are coated with porcelain enamel to form the body of the kettle. This ensures a long lasting product that shouldn’t rust, but stilll make sure you invest in a grill cover if you leave it outside.
  • Well-sealed and air tight  – For such a cheap option you get outstanding heat control which allows you to maintain stable temps for a long time, while burning less fuel.
  • Light and portable – The two wheels attached to the base of the legs makes this grill very easy to pack up and take camping.

What we don’t like

  • Limited space for smoking – Using setups like the Snake method does limit the amount of space you have for smoking meat.

We named the Weber Kettle our top pick for best charcoal grill thanks to its versatility and built quality for a budget price point. For the same reason it’s our pick for best grill smoker combo if budget is an issue for you.

5. Best Smoker With Searing Add-On – Camp Chef Woodwind + Sidekick Sear

Read our full Camp Chef Woodwind review.

The Camp Chef Woodwind is a great smoker on its own and can get hot enough for grilling with a knob to open up the fire pot, but if you want to use it as your dedicated grill and smoker, we would really recommend the optional Sidekick Sear add on.

The sear box attaches to the side of your smoker and allows you to grill at blistering hot temperatures up to 900°.

When you purchase the Woodwind, the sidekick is an optional add-on, and you can get either a sear box or a flat top.

If you opt for the sidekick, you will probably want to also grab the front folding shelf, since the sidekick will take away one of the prep areas.

The Woodwind comes in 24″ and 36″ models with 811 and 1236 square inches of cooking space. You can also upgrade to the Pro model, which gives you beefed up construction quality and the Smoke Box.

The Smoke Box is another really cool innovation, which allows you to add a few chunks of wood or charcoal for extra smoke flavor.

What we liked:

  • Easy to clean – Great system for cleaning out ash without having to take the whole grill apart
  • Sidekick – Adds versatility for when you want to sear on a peace of meat after smoking, or grill while you smoke.
  • Adjustable smoke level – Using the app you can set your smoke level from 1-10 to adjust smoke output depending on what you are cooking

What we didn’t like:

  • Issues with WiFi connection – We haven’t personally experienced these issues, but the Camp Chef app has a low rating in the app store due to connection problems.

Depending on the size you pick, whether you go for the Pro and if you add the sidekick, the Woodwind can get quite pricey. You can always decide get the sidekick later though, so prioritise the size and model you want, and then decide if you need to add dedicated searing later.

6. Another Budget Grill Smoker Combo – Char-Griller Akorn Kamado

Read our full Char-Griller Akorn review.

Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Grill Review

Some of the benefits of a Kamado grill at a budget price

If you liked the sound of the Kamado Joe but can’t quite justify the price, the Char-Griller Kamado Kooker is a good low-cost alternative to consider.

The design of this grill looks similar, but the body is made out of 22 gauge steel instead of ceramic and the interior is finished with porcelain coated steel.

This has been done to keep the cost of the grill down, but you do give up some of the benefits of a true Kamado grill. You’ll need to take care of it as the steel will eventually rust.

You get 314 square inches of primary cooking area plus a 133 square inch warming rack. The grill grates are made out of cast iron.

What we like:

  • Great value for money – If you want to get stuck into Kamado grilling without a huge budget this is still a good option and will allow you to sear steaks or cook brisket for long overnight smokes.
  • Simple ash cleanout – The removable pan collects all the ash and makes it easy to dump it all out when you’re finished cooking.

What we don’t like:

  • Cheaper construction – Hard to fault Char-Griller for this as this is sold at a much lower price point. This unit won’t hold temperatures quite as steady for long low and slow cooks as the Kamado Joe and parts are more likely to break down over time.
  • Requires a little more attention – For low and slow cooks you’ll need to keep a closer eye on this grill, especially when smoking in extreme weather.

This might not be the grill you end up handing down to your grandson, but if you want a cheap Kamado that can grill and smoke it’s a decent alternative.

7. Weber Genesis ll E-310 Propane Grill

The best gas grill smoker combo if you will be primarily grilling with the occasional smoke

Weber Genesis II E-310 Propane Gas Grill

As the name implies, the Genesis ll E-310 is marketed as a grill. And as a grill, the genesis represents the best value you can get in this price range.

With 507 square inches of cooking space and three burners capable of outputting 38,000 BTUs the E-310 makes an excellent dedicated grill.

We’ll go into more detail later, but the three burners and excellent thermal insulation helps you use the grill for low and slow cooking.

The assembly for a grill of this size is relatively easy and should take most people around 30-45 minutes.

What we like:

  • Outstanding build quality  – While the BTUs per square inch is lower than some other grills, the efficient design of the Genesis ll helps to hold in the heat that it creates. The components are well made and sturdy, and you can tell that Weber have put a lot of thought into the placement and functionality of every part of the grill.
  • Even heat distribution – Unlike some cheap grills that need you to babysit them, the Genesis ll distributes the heat evenly which prevents hot spots and flare ups.
  • Generous warranty – While you shouldn’t need to use it (due the build quality we were just harping on about), you get the added piece of mind with a 10 year warranty. 

What we don’t like:

  • No cabinet doors – This shouldn’t be an issue for most people, but if you have critters around your property then not being able to close off access to the grease tray can be annoying.

Note that if you want a side burner you’ll need to upgrade to the Genesis II E-335.

Smoking on the Weber Genesis ll E-310

We don’t need to go into any more detail about what makes the E-310 a great grill. What you really want to know is how to set it up for smoking and how it performs cooking barbecue. Great barbecue requires steady low temperatures (between 225 – 250°F), and smoke for the first few hours of cooking.

The E-310 shouldn’t have any problem with maintaining temperatures (although a good wireless thermometer is still recommend). You’ve got a couple of options for producing smoke.

Option 1: The Coffee tin method

For this method you’ll need a large coffee tin or similar with six holes punched in the bottom. Next you’ll need some wood chunks (not the more commonly found chips). I like using Apple but there are lots of options out there.

You need to get a couple of good sized chunks started. The easiest option is to use a Chimney Fire Starter. Commonly used for starting charcoal, but you can use one for igniting your smoking wood. Once the wood is starting to smoke place it in the tin.

Then you want to remove the grate off one of the burners and place the tin on top of it and then turn it on as low as it will go. Then you place your meat on the other side with the burner off.

If it gets too hot at the start you can cut the burner for a few minutes. This should allow you to maintain around 225. You’ll need to reload the wood once or twice, but after about 4 hours the meat stops taking on smoke.

Option 2: Pellet Smoker Tube

This option is much easier, but does require the purchase of a smoke generator. Luckily this little tube will only set you back around $25.

This tube works great and can produce smoke for hours at a time when you follow the instructions correctly. You load it with pellets and then place it near heat and it generates smoke for up to 4 hours.

While you can get a variety of different shapes and sizes, I find that the 12″ tube is the most versatile.

Make sure not to put it directly over the heat. For example, I would put mine in the middle and use the left burner.

Whether you go for the pellet tube smoker or rig your own wood holder, the Genesis ll E-310 is an excellent grill that can easily double as a smoker with some simple setup.

What’s the difference between a grill and a smoker

To put it simply, a grill is designed to sear food at high temperatures up to 700°F, while a smoker is designed for low and slow cooking at temperatures between 225-300°F.

You use a smoker to cook traditional low and slow style barbecue. Think pulled pork or smoked brisket.

Grills on the overhand excel at cooking hot and faster. Steak, fish, vegetables, chops, etc are all best cooked on a grill.

What to consider when buying a smoker grill combo

The first thing you need to understand is that the things that make a grill a good grill, often make it a bad smoker (and vice versa).

That’s why most people will recommend you buy a dedicated grill and smoker and get the best of both worlds.

If space is limited, or you only have the budget for one item, that doesn’t mean you have to give up hope though.

Here a few factors that are important when buying a combo.

The fuel source or type of smoker

Not all fuel sources are created equally. For example, propane and electric smokers would fail at grilling due to their low temperatures and lack of direct heat.

Your two best options are charcoal, where you can control the airflow and amount of charcoal to achieve either searing or low and slow temperatures and pellet grills.

Although pellet grills are electric, some models have been designed to get around the searing problem with some design features.

Insulation and build quality

Good insulation isn’t very important when you are searing steak over burners putting out 37,500 BTUs.

If you need to close the lid and generate smoke over low temperatures for 12 hours at a time you’ll understand the importance of insulation.

That’s why we are especially fond of Kamado grills for their ability to smoke and grill.

Technology and features

If WiFi connectivity and the latest tech features are important to you, then a pellet grill is your best bet.

Being able to control your grill via your phone is a cool trick (especially if you live somewhere that gets extra cold).

Some people couldn’t care less, and like the more hands on nature you get cooking with charcoal.

There’s no right or wrong answer (ignore what any grumpy old man tells you), it just comes down to your personal preference.

When it’s time to think about upgrading to a dedicated smoker

Hopefully you’ve found this guide to the best smoker grill combos useful and are now confident in buying a new grill.

But if you think you’re going to be smoking the majority of the time, or you just want to keep your options open we suggest you review all your options.

We’ve compiled the following guides to help you understand the pros and cons of each type of smoker, as well as comparing the best models across different budgets.

If you do decide to upgrade to a dedicated smoker, you can usually get a pretty good deal buy selling your old smoker on Ebay.

But let’s be honest, once you get the barbecue obsession, collecting a range of smokers and grills is all part of the fun.

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