14 Delicious Desserts You Can Make On The Grill or Smoker

desserts on the grill or smoker

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Is there a better way to finish off a meal of succulent slow smoked protein than with a simple dessert cooked on the same grill?

Fresh and fruity or indulgently sweet and sticky, there is something here to tempt everyone’s taste buds and even better they can all be prepped earlier in the day ready to throw on the grill when it’s time to bring on the finale.

The best dessert recipes for your grill or smoker

1. Smoked Peach Cobbler

smoked peach cobbler

A refreshing summer dessert of sweet ripe peaches with a flaky crust topping elevated to the next level with a subtle hint of smoke.

This traditional dessert is simple to prepare and can be made with any fruit or fruit combos you have on hand. Just remember to top it with a big scoop of ice cream.

View the full recipe.

2. Smoked Bacon Wrapped Oreos


Don’t knock it till you try it! An unexpected combination but believe us it works.

Sweet Oreos wrapped in thick cut bacon and smoked. Sweet, smoky, delicious, and super easy to make.

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3. Smoked Pumpkin Pie


Here’s a delicious barbecue twist on a Thanksgiving staple.

For this recipe, we smoke the pumpkin first before pureeing it to form our pie filling. This is a “cheat” recipe created using store bought pie crust but you can easily make your own.

Get a double helping of smoke by finishing the pie in the smoker. You might think this will make it taste too smoky, but don’t worry. It creates a wonderful flavor and goes perfect with a big dollop of whipped cream.

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4. Banana Pudding

banana pudding

Our banana pudding isn’t technically smoked or grilled, but it’s such a classic barbecue side we had to include it in this round-up.

Easy banana pudding recipe

5. Smoked Bread Pudding

smoked bread pudding

This smoky vanilla cinnamon creation is definitely not your old-fashioned soggy bread pudding. If you can’t get Hot Cross Buns you can use any white bread or croissants will also work.

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6. Grilled Pineapple Sundaes (a tropical temptation)

grilled pineapple sundaes

It’s a taste of the tropics with this simple but impressive sundae. What could be more delicious than beautifully caramelized pineapple, topped with sweet dulce de leche, a scoop of ice cream, and a sprinkling of coconut. A simple but impressive way to end an evening.

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7. Berry, Chocolate and Cake Skillet (deep dish deliciousness)

Berry chocolate and cake skillet

Warm and gooey, a perfectly indulgent dessert to enjoy with friends.  Hand the spoons around and devour straight from the skillet.

You could even amp up the decadence by using a chocolate brownie with nuts instead, drizzle with caramel and serve it with a couple of big dollops of cream or scoops of vanilla bean ice cream.

View the full recipe.

8. Grilled Cantaloupe with Peach Agrodolce (an elegant ending)

Grilled cantaloupe with peach agrodolce

Add a little fancy to your grill with this refreshing cantaloupe dessert.  You can make the peach agrodolce earlier in the day and also prep the cantaloupe.  

When you’re ready, char the cantaloupe on the grill and serve it up on a big platter with the agrodolce drizzled over and some basil leaves for garnish, a little Greek yogurt on the side and you have yourself a stylish desert.

View the full recipe.

9. Banana Tartin (banoffee on the grill!)

skillet banana tartin

Surprise your family and friends with this super easy, but super impressive banana tartin.  What better combination could there be but bananas and caramel.

With only five ingredients and not a lot of baking experience needed you can whip up this divine dessert in no time.  Once cooked, invert it onto a plate for show stopping presentation.

View the full recipe.

10. Grilled pineapple with rum, ginger and lemongrass syrup (a little bit boozy, or not)

Grilled pineapple with rum, ginger and lemongrass syrup

Why not end an epic meal with something a little bit exotic?  This grilled pineapple has been marinated in the flavors of Asia with a little bit of the Caribbean, then when it’s hot off the grill sprinkled with spiced sugar which melts creating a salty-sweet punch.

You can leave out the rum and adjust the chili accordingly for a more child friendly version.

View the full recipe.

11. Grilled Summer fruit skewers (keeping it simple)

grilled summer fruit skewers

Juicy grilled summer fruit infused with a hint of rosemary.  This is such a versatile dessert, your fruit of choice skewered on a rosemary stalk, basted with your favorite type of honey, and maybe Grand Marnier or Cointreau liqueur.  

To make it family friendly, leave out the liqueur so the kids can enjoy it as well. A spoonful of mascarpone would perfect it.

View the full recipe.

12. Campfire Cones (you don’t need a campfire to make these!)

campfire cone filled with marshmellows banan strawberries chocolate

Kids (the big ones and little ones) are going to love these fun cones!  Stuffed with all sorts of sweet delights, these cones are then wrapped in foil and put on the grill, so you end up with a cone of melted gooey goodness.  

If you’re entertaining, put together a platter and let everyone design their own. Be creative with your fillings, add caramel or strawberry sauce, pineapple or raspberries, Rolos or Reese’s peanut butter cups the combinations are endless.

View the full recipe.

13. Barbecued Apple Crisp (Comfort food on the grill)

barbecued apple crisp topped with cream

What could tantalize your taste buds more than the beautiful smell of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting in the air.  Prepped earlier and wrapped in foil, this dessert is ready when you are to go on the grill and be left alone for 20 minutes.  

Change it up with the addition of blueberries or blackberries, or maybe a combo of pear and raspberry. Serve it with a drizzle of caramel, custard, or a scoop of ice cream and you’ll have everyone licking their plate clean.

View the full recipe.

14. Summer Berry Sweet Pizza (a delicious slice of heaven)

summer berry sweet pizza

Why not a sweet pizza desert?  You could make your own pizza base or keep it simple and buy a ready made one.  

The combinations are endless but maybe start with a smearing of Nutella, throw on some mixed berries, and grate a little white chocolate over the top.  The addition of chopped nuts, marshmallows, or even some smashed oreo cookies would take it to the next level.

View the full recipe.

If you are wondering what other types of pizza are there, check out our post dedicated to different pizza styles.

Wrapping it up

Who knew you could create so many delicious looking sweet things on your smoker and grill!

Want more smoking ideas? Head over to our list of the best bbq recipes.

Hopefully, we have given you plenty of inspiration to try a dessert next time you fire up those coals.

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