Victory 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle Review

Victory 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle Review

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No outdoor kitchen is complete without a flat-top griddle, but with so many options out there it’s hard to choose what’s right for you.

The Victory 36-inch 4-Burner Gas Griddle aims to join the fray of the flap-top market, and does so in a quality, no-frills fashion.

In this review, I will cover the features, discuss performance and quality and give you my thoughts on if this is the right griddle for you.

Victory 36-Inch 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle
  • Porcelain-coated griddle top
  • Fully enclosed grease management system
  • Lots of shelving and prep space
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Hard plastic casters
  • Does not fold up
  • No wind guards
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BBQ Guys sent me this griddle for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Victory 36-inch 4-Burner Gas Griddle overview and first impressions

BBQGuys has been putting out practical, reliable grills under its exclusive Victory brand. With a pellet smoker, gas grill and kamado grill under their belt, they opted to get into the griddle game.

Victory 36-inch 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle

The Victory 4-burner gas griddle competes with other 4-burner griddles like the famous Blackstone 36”. With 665 sq. in. of cooking area, the Victory offers 55 sq. in. less space than the Blackstone, but you still have enough room for 28 quarter-pound burgers at once!

I’ll go through how this griddle stacks up vs. the Blackstone in more detail later on in the review.

Like other griddles, each burner runs independently, allowing multiple cooking zones. The griddle puts out 48,000 BTU’s with all four burners on simultaneously.

Let’s look at the Victory 4-Burner Griddle specs:

Cooking Area:665 sq. in.
Weight:102 lbs
Burners:Four 12,000 BTUs/Hr. stainless steel burners
Shelves & Storage:2 foldable side shelves
2 middle shelves
2 shelves on the right end cap
Warranty:Best-in-class lifetime warranty and all stainless steel construction promise years of use
Cooking SurfacePorcelain coated 7-gauge rolled steel
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A lot of thought went into the Victory griddle’s design.

The flat-top is porcelain-coated, 7-gauge rolled steel, specially formulated to resist chipping and scratching.

You won’t have to worry about rust or seasoning it either as the porcelain acts as a barrier to the elements, but still retains even heat for excellent searing.

The Victory griddle maximizes shelving and prep space with the two foldable side shelves and two large middle shelves in the cart.

It adds two more shelving areas on the right end, which are great for holding spices and condiments while grilling. The left foldable shelf has three utensil hooks, while the right shelf has a drop slot that is great for holding knives and spatulas.

It’s stainless steel body construction makes for easy maintenance, but also keeps it light enough to move around as needed. It doesn’t fold up like the 36-inch Blackstone though, making it more difficult to transport over distances, but the four casters make it a breeze to move around the house and yard.

But the main innovation of this griddle is the grease trap. The large opening in the griddle top allows for grease, fat and gristle to easily slide into the tray below via a fully enclosed attachment that guides the grease into the tray. This keeps all the grease trapped where it’s supposed to be with no added dripping or cohesion issues.

What I like:

  • Porcelain Coated Griddle Top – Scratch resistant porcelain coated steel is made to last and makes cooking and cleaning this griddle a breeze.
  • Fully Enclosed Grease Management System – The boon of this griddle is definitely the grease trap. Fully enclosed tube guides grease and fat into removable tray. Easy clean-up and low-maintenance.
  • Shelving and Storage Space – two folding side shelves, two mid-cart shelves and two shelves on the right side are convenient and helpful when cooking for a group. Minimizing the trips and and out of the house to get supplies.
  • Stainless Steel Construction – Full-body stainless steel construction makes this griddle easy to clean and long-lasting corrosion and rust resistant.

What I don’t like:

  • Hard Plastic Casters – The casters make it easy to move, but moving it over coarse concrete and blacktop makes for some wear and tear that you wouldn’t get with a denser material.
  • Doesn’t Fold Up – This is more for the travel cooks out there, but you won’t be folding this up like the PitBoss or the Blackstone.
  • No Wind Guards – A lot of griddles have a space between the burners and the cooking surface that allows wind to affect the burner flames. High winds can make it difficult for the griddle top to heat up appropriately. If it’s a particularly windy day, you may have to adjust where you’re placing the griddle to cook effectively. Some griddles like the Camp Chef 4-Burner Griddle have a built in means of guarding against high winds.

Assembling the Victory 36-inch 4-Burner Griddle

The Victory griddle comes well-packaged, and assembly took a little over an hour to do alone. Having a helping hand to hold some of the pieces in place while they’re being screwed in will speed up the process.

The largest part is the porcelain-coated griddle top. I recommend two people help set this in place. 1. It’s much easier to line up the mounting holes to the griddle body, and 2. You don’t risk scratching the porcelain trying to get it set and mounted.

Other than that, it’s a straightforward process built from the ground up.

Cooking on the Victory Griddle

After assembly, it’s always a good idea to do one initial high-heat burn-off to ensure there’s no leftover manufacturing residue or oils. Follow the owner’s manual on how to do so.

After the burn off, it’s time to get cooking.

Easy light ignition

Each burner knob has a battery-free piezo igniter attached to it, making it easy and reliable to start up and get cooking.

Individual burners put out 12,000 BTU’s each, so there’s plenty of heat for searing – up to 700°F total for high-heat cooking.

Victory propane gas griddle burners ignited

Even temperature and heat management

The 7-gauge rolled steel griddle top retains heat exceptionally well, maintaining heat throughout thanks to its thickness. Once hot, the griddle top holds heat like a cast iron skillet.

The four knobs can be adjusted for multi-zone cooking areas – having a hot side and a cooler side – which is great when preparing a variety of foods.

Victory propane gas griddle porcelain top

Searing on the porcelain top works well at high heat. Steaks and burgers sear just fine if you let the cook-top do its job and not move the food around.


I move my cooking equipment around a lot, so mobility is important. The Victory griddle has four rotating casters that make moving this around very easy, and there are two locking casters to keep it in place when you find that perfect patio spot.

The casters do seem a little brittle and thin on the plastic side, but they’ve held up well moving it around from cement to blacktop and back again. Only time will tell how long they last.

plastic castor wheel on a Victory propane gas griddle

Storage and prep areas

The Victory griddle is not lacking for prep space. It boasts two folding side shelves – which help save space when not in use. It has two cart shelves which come in handy for larger needs, and two shelves on the right side that are the perfect size for spices and sauces.

The top middle shelf does get a bit warm from the ambient heat of the burners, so it’s a good spot to act as a warmer for condiments or sides.

Victory propane gas griddle side shelf

The large amount of storage helps the griddle act as a cooking hub: you can cook left to right having your raw ingredients on the left shelf, cook in the middle, then move prepared food the right shelf. You can even move pans to the previously mentioned middle shelf to stay warm.

Clean up

The porcelain cooktop, stainless steel body and the fully enclosed grease trap make this by far the easiest griddle I’ve cleaned.

Drain the rendered grease and fat into the removable tray. Give the body and cooktop a wipe down and that’s about it. The grease tray is on the right side and removes easily to empty and clean by hand.

You don’t have to worry about reseasoning the top after use. You don’t have to add oil and form a patina everytime. This greatly reduces cleanup time and conserves your gas tank.

Build quality

As I just mentioned, the porcelain cooktop and stainless steel body are made to last and prevent common damage from user-error.

Though the stainless steel can feel a bit flimsy at first, once fully constructed the griddle as a whole is stable and feels robust. The design of how the steel body fits together gives added support throughout making sure there’s no rocking or rickety.

The steel also allows the griddle to retain heat better and protects against rust and corrosion over time.


Let’s dig into the most important aspect: How does it cook?

We tested the griddle’s top-end temperature by searing steaks and smashing burgers. The Victory griddle seared both exceptionally well.

You can get your steaks seared to your liking, all the way up to Pittsburgh style, while still maintaining a rare center.

cooked steak on a wooden board

I was concerned that the porcelain coating wouldn’t allow for adequate searing especially for burgers, but it performed better than expected. Flattening burgers with a press made for a great smash-style burger with a maillard-reaction crust.

It performed equally well with a thick burger, letting the outsides sear while the internal temperature remained rare to medium rare.

smashed burger patties cooking on a Victory propane gas griddle

The porcelain-coating may be at its best cooking a meaty fish steak. Sesame crusted tuna over high heat oil a spritz of oil kept the tuna from sticking or flaking apart. Highly recommended if you like grilling fish.

Multi-zone cooking also performed adequately, allowing for a high-temp fried rice to be cooked at the same time as low-heat, over-easy eggs on the other side. Using two high burners on the left, and two low burners on the right, the eggs cooked to a perfect over-easy without burning or becoming overdone.

Best-in-class lifetime warranty

Another thing I love about the Victory griddle is the lifetime warranty. They state the griddle is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal residential use and conditions on the stainless steel exterior of the griddle. This shows their confidence behind the product for added peace of mind.

The stainless steel burners and coated steel cooking top are warrantied for fifteen years, the valves are warrantied for two years, and the ignition is warrantied for one year.

The warranty does not extend to issues resulting from misuse, abuse, or any alterations done to the product.

Alternative griddles to consider

The griddle market has become very competitive in recent years, as consumer needs drive innovation. There are now a lot of options for the griddle enthusiast to consider.

You might want to look for a griddle with a smaller footprint if you don’t cook for a lot of people regularly.

If you travel or go camping a lot, and require something mobile, you’ll want to consider a griddle solution that is either tabletop or easy to fold-and-go.

For a detailed look at different griddle options, check out our guide to the best griddles.

Blackstone 36in 4-Burner Griddle

blackstone gas griddle review

Blackstone is a big name in the griddle game, and for good reason. They continue to innovate their griddle offerings, but their flagship 36in four-burner gas griddle is a good one to consider.

It folds up nicely, heats up quickly, and has a back grease trap that allows you to push the grease out of the way with ease.

Newer models have more features and benefits, like built-in air fryers or fold-down shelving, but the four-burner classic still stands the test of time.

Check out our Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle review.

Camp Chef VersaTop 2x Grill

Camp Chef VersaTop 2x Grill

This Camp Chef solution offers a lot in the way of versatility and mobility. It comes with two burners and a flat top, and is easily portable and great for tabletop usage.

Where the VersaTop 2x Grill really shines is its compatibility with accessories. Swap out the included griddle for a grill box and you have a more traditional grilling option with direct heat, grates and a lid. Swap that out for the artisan oven accessory and you have a 16in wood-fired brick oven. 

If you’re looking for a larger option, check out the Camp Chef Flat Top 600 Grill and Griddle, but this option is hard to beat for the outdoor camping connoisseur.

Pit Boss Deluxe 4-Burner Griddle

Pit Boss Deluxe 4-Burner Griddle

If you’re in the market for something bigger, but still offers fold-and-go portability, the Pit Boss Deluxe 4-Burner Griddle may be for you.

It offers more cooking area than the Victory griddle, and its side shelves double as a cover for the cooking surface. They also offer a porcelain-coated griddle option or the standard rolled-steel cook top depending on your preference.

PitBoss griddles are hot and stay hot, but they do use a lot of fuel to do so.

If you’re regularly cooking for a lot of people, even on the go, this griddle may be for you.

Also, check out our review of the PitBoss Standard 4-Burner Griddle.

Should you buy the Victory 36-inch 4-Burner Gas Griddle?

After putting the Victory griddle through rounds of cooking tests, I can confidently recommend this to both the novice and experienced cook-top connoisseur.

If you’re looking for a full-featured, high-performing griddle at a reasonable price point, then the Victory 4-Burner Griddle should be considered.

There are added features for the price like the enclosed grease trap and porcelain-coated top, but the main point is that it does its job well: maintaining even, controlled heat as needed and over time.

The warranty and construction make for a product that will stand the test of time with regular use.

This is one of the top values on the market at this price and performance.

Victory 36-Inch 4-Burner Propane Gas Griddle
  • Porcelain-coated griddle top
  • Fully enclosed grease management system
  • Lots of shelving and prep space
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Hard plastic casters
  • Does not fold up
  • No wind guards
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