Weber Spirit vs Genesis: Entry Level VS Mid-Range Gas Grills

weber spirit vs genesis

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If you’re looking to invest in a new gas grill, chances are you’re trying to decide between the Weber Spirit or Weber Genesis lines.

In this guide, we’ll take you through both the Spirit and Genesis Weber grill lines, explain the main differences and run through the latest updates from 2024.

We’ll go through all the models to consider, but if you are in a rush we think the Weber Spirit II E-310 is the best value gas grill you can get if you want Weber quality without a lot of bells and whistles,

If you can stretch your budget, then the Genesis E-335 hits the sweet spot between price, size, and functionality.

Read on for more in-depth comparisons between these two grill lines.

Best Overall
Best Budget
  • Large searing zone
  • Side burner
  • Excellent storage
  • Excellent heat control
  • Easy to clean
  • Large side tables
  • It's not cheap
  • Basic grill cart
  • Lots of plastic
Best Overall
  • Large searing zone
  • Side burner
  • Excellent storage
  • It's not cheap
Best Budget
  • Excellent heat control
  • Easy to clean
  • Large side tables
  • Basic grill cart
  • Lots of plastic

Weber Spirit vs. Genesis – What’s the Big Difference?

The Spirit and Genesis are the two most popular gas grill lines that Weber sell.

The Spirit II line is Weber‘s entry-level range of gas grills designed for people who prioritize value for money over extra features.

weber spirit e310
My entry level Spirit II E-310 gets used almost every day

The Genesis is made for grilling enthusiasts willing to pay more for higher quality and extra functionality.

The Genesis lineup has been updated in Spring of 2022 with what Weber claim is their “biggest gas grilling innovation in 15 years”.

Weber Genesis SPX-435 night lightning
The top-of-the-line Genesis SPX-435 Smart Gas Grill 

We’ll get into what’s new and see if that claim stacks up in a little bit or you can head over to our full review of the new Weber Genesis.

The new models are just called Genesis, while the previous generation that was updated in 2019 goes by Genesis II. Weber could have made things easy for us and gone with the obvious Genesis III, but that would have been too logical.

So don’t be confused if you see a new Genesis and think that the Genesis II is better.

To keep things confusing, the most up-to-date Spirit lineup still goes by Spirit II!

At the time of writing, you can still buy the older Genesis models at a discount, so if you aren’t impressed with the new features, it’s a good chance to get a great grill at a discounted price.

Key differences between Spirit and Genesis grills:

  • Spirit grills are simpler and are generally cheaper
  • New Genesis models include a 13,000 BTU searing burner when you upgrade to the Weber CRAFTED kit
  • All Genesis models come with an enclosed cart, more prep areas
  • Genesis range includes more burners and higher BTU numbers
  • Genesis grills have the option to add Weber CONNECT Smart Technology for food monitoring and gas lighting to illuminate the grilling surface and knobs.

The Genesis and Spirit share the same 10-year warranty on the burner tubes, cooking grates, and flavorizer bars, while the Genesis offers 12 years on the cook box and lid.

Note that this does not cover normal wear and tear, which might be obtained with regular use.

Weber Spirit Overview

It’s a little bit unfair to call the Spirit II a “starter grill,” but when you compare it to the Genesis, that’s definitely what Weber is going for.

The main two Spirit grills we’ll be looking at are the two-burner Spirit II E-210 and the three-burner E-310 models which I own.

Both models come in various colors and let you choose between liquid propane or natural gas.

These are capable and affordable grills that provide good value for money. The main difference between these two is their areas of cooking space and the latter model’s ability to reverse some of its grates.

If you want a small grill that’s also highly portable, you may also want to consider the Weber Traveler, which comes with a collapsible cart.

Weber Spirit II E-210

This grill is a bit smaller than several of the Genesis grills, but it still has plenty room. You get 450 square inches of cooking space when you account for the warming rack and the main cooking surface.

Both of these areas are warmed by two burners that can emit 26,500 BTUs of heat combined.

The E-210 uses the GS4 grilling upgrades like with the rest of the Spirit and Genesis models.

Another great feature included is the addition of six integrated hooks that let you easily store any of your grilling tools as you switch between them.

There’s an open-cart design on display that gives you even more storage space, and two side tables are attached to the main model.

You can fold the left one down if you’re pressed for space.

Despite its size, you can still implement the iGrill3 thermometer and mount it right on the side for easy internal temperature monitoring.

The grill is equipped with two tires to allow for easy transportation, and they are constructed to be used in all weather types.

What we like:

  • Left table can be folded down
  • Good storage space
  • Excellent warming potential between burners

Weber Spirit II E-310

Weber Spirit II E-310 3 Gas Grill
  • Excellent heat control
  • Easy to clean
  • Large side tables
  • Basic grill cart
  • Lots of plastic
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The E-310 uses three stainless steel burners instead of two.

The combined heat output from these burners can equal 30,000 BTUs. When you consider the 529 square inches of cooking space between the main area and the warming rack, this is enough heat and space to serve a larger family between 5 and 7 people.

The cooking grates are made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron.

These transfer heat very well and maintain sturdiness and rigidity even after many different cookout sessions.

In addition, some of these grates are reversible between the thin side or a wide side. You can use the thin side for fish or other delicate meats and the wider side for steaks and similar cuts.

There’s also an easy-to-read fuel gauge that you can use to never be caught off guard when it’s time to refuel. The fuel tank is mounted outside the grill, too, so replacing it only takes a few seconds and lets you get back to the cooking quickly.

The grill uses an open cart design with plenty of storage space beneath the main unit. The same two all-weather wheels are present to allow for easy movement and storage, and this Spirit grill also has six integrated hooks for easy organization.

As before, there are two sides tables to give you more space to cut and season your meat. The left one is capable of being folded down.


  • Good grate construction
  • Reversible grates
  • Plenty of cooking space
  • Left table can be folded down

Weber Genesis Overview

The Genesis lineup gives you more models to choose from, although unlike the Spirit II, there are no two-burner models.

Weber Genesis Review

You start with the basic three-burner E-325 and go up from there.

The Genesis Lineup was updated in Spring 2022 with a range of new features, including:

  • Extra-large searing zone on all models
  • Expandable top cook grate
  • Extra large prep tables
  • Extra large grill locker
  • New pull-out grease tray

Weber also has a new version of the Gourmet BBQ accessory System (GBS) that began with the Weber Kettle. Now going by the Crafted Outdoor Kitchen Collection (Weber Crafted for short), you have the option to add several accessories including a 16 x 16-inch flat top griddle, baking stone, and cast iron sear grate to take advantage of the new searing zone.

Weber Genesis SPX-435 ser grate with meat steaks
The Weber Crafted system allows you to expand your cooking capabilities with a number of accessories

The ability to add extra features to your grill is a nice touch, although each accessory will set you back.

The individual grill names within the lineup can get confusing, so here is how the naming convention works:

  • E – Enamel (usually black but there are some other colors available)
  • S – Stainless steel (for the hood, cabinet doors and cooking grate)
  • X – Smart Grill (with WEber Connect smart grilling technology)
  • Natural Gas – Unless specified assume the grill runs off propane tanks

The first number following the letter tells you how many burners there are, while the second number refers to features.

If you order via the Weber website, you have the option to “Build Your Genesis” which allows you to just pick the options you want without comparing different model numbers.

We will also run through the main differences as you go through the lineup so if you’re shopping in a store, you know what you’re looking at.

Genesis II E-325s – Basic model

The E-325s is the most basic model in the new Genesis lineup.

You get three burners with 39,000 BTU input plus the dedicated sear-zone burner for an extra 13,000 BTU.

You get 513 square inches of primary cooking area with 274 extra via the top grate.

The warming rack can be tucked away and extended depending on your cooking needs, which is a bit of versatility we really like.

The cooking grates are also porcelain-enameled and cast-iron for good heat diffusion and durability.

Genesis EX-325S – Adds Smart Grill Connectivity

This is the most affordable Genesis model to include Weber‘s new smart grill system. This model is identical to the entry-level E-325s except for the built-in Weber Connect WiFi temperature monitoring system.

This lets you get temperature alerts on your phone as well as flip reminders notifications when it’s time to serve.

There’s one probe included, although you have the capacity for two.

Personally, if we had to pick one upgrade, we would recommend going for the next option, which adds the Weber CRAFTED suite of upgrades.

Genesis E-335 – Adds Side Burner and storage space

If you’re paying attention to the model numbers, you’ll notice that the middle digit has increased, indicating a feature bump with the same number of burners.

The E-335 is identical to the E-325, but now you get the side burner added to the side shelf. The burner is covered, so if you want to use the shelf, you still can.

The other new feature is the accessory locker to fit all of your Weber CRAFTED accessories (plus any grilling tools you want to keep safe).

Grill locker designed to hold Weber Crafted accessories

As with the 325, you can pay extra for the EX-335, which includes the smart grilling system.

Genesis E-435 – Adds an extra burner

Stepping up to the first four-burner model, Weber decided to skip the base model without the side burner or storage cupboard.

You now get a combined 994 square inches of cooking area with 646 on the primary grill and an additional 348 via the top grate.

Alternative Option – Weber Summit

The Summit is Weber‘s high-end grill line that is aimed at people who want even more quality and versatility.

The Summit utilizes 4 or 6 48,800 BTU main burners depending on the variance you purchase, along with 2 additional burners:

  • 10,600 BTU burner for sear cooking
  • 10,600 BTU rotisserie burner.

This gives you even more versatility than ever before.

It also utilizes an LED tank scale display and fuel gauge to let you easily read both measurements during day or nighttime cooking.

The rotisserie system can be tucked away at any time. A flip-up motor and separate spit and fork storage compartment have also been integrated into the model.

Overall, this is an even higher-power choice if you need a grill that can handle more meat for more people or you want the ability to cook more types of meat at the same time.

All of this functionality comes with a much higher price tag, however.

iGrill compatible

Now that both the Genesis and Spirit come with smart grill models, weber has stopped marketing their grills as “iGrill compatible”.

This is something they used to make a big deal about.

iGrill is Weber‘s own brand of Bluetooth meat thermometer.

This is a mounted thermometer that can be placed at the side of your grill. This can be connected to your smartphone via an app, letting you monitor the internal temperature of up to four different meat pieces.

The app will alert you when grilling is done and it’s time to eat. This lets you step away from your grill and mingle with your guests or tend to other food that needs your attention.

Should you buy the Weber Spirit or Genesis?

So, which grill line is for you: the Spirit or the Genesis?

That greatly depends on your overall budget and how many people you are planning to feed during your next cookout.

The Spirit line is more affordable and its models are generally smaller, making them easier to store. The Genesis line is packed with the latest features from Weber and has grills that are usually larger, allowing you to cook for more people, for slightly higher prices.

I hope this guide helped you answer your questions about the Spirit and Genesis, and you’re now ready to decide.

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