7 Best Mail-Order Bacon Companies in 2024

packets of bacon from different mail order bacon companies

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Bacon, considered by many to be the food of the gods, is one of humanity’s greatest inventions and should be part of most if not all, meals. 

You might not know that a whole world of different types of craft bacon can be delivered right to your doorstep. It’s a fine time to be alive!

The tastiest bacon you can get delivered to your home

1. North Country SmokeHouse

This family-owned smokehouse is our favorite source of bacon you can feel good about eating.

They smoke their bacon low and slow and don’t use nitrites or nitrates. That’s why you’ll see it labeled “Uncured”.

All products are all-natural, certified humane®, and organic.

You can find a wide variety of bacon products including applewood smoked bacon in thick cut or whole slab.

For the health-conscious bacon lover, there is the sugar-free applewood smoked bacon, and then you have our personal favorite, cob smoked bacon. Bacon smoked over a bed of corn cobs to produce a stronger smoke flavor than typical hardwood.

If you’re struggling to pick, you can’t go wrong with the Bacon Lovers Gift Box. A 15-pound selection of the best of North Country SmokeHouse.

2. Snake River Farms

We’ve spoken about Snake River Farms (SRF) and their vast selection of amazing meat before.

Specializing in beef and pork, this premium meat producer has supplied bacon to Michelin-star restaurants and can do the same for you.

Their standout offering is thick-cut smoked bacon from 100% Kurobuta pork belly. Kurobuta is to pork, what Wagyu is to beef.

All Snake River Farms’ pigs are reared on their network of small family farms, and SRF is committed to the welfare of their animals. They are equally committed to the planet, using 100% sustainable packaging that can be dissolved in water and used as plant food.

So, if you like your top-quality Kurobuta bacon with a side of eco-friendliness, SRF is the place to order from!

3. Porter Road

Porter Road’s Co-founders, James Peisker and Chris Carter, started their own butcher’s shop when they got tired of having to buy low-quality frozen meat.

They still process all their meat in their home state of Kentucky, use only local suppliers, and offer so many great bacon products that we’ve had to list them separately.

The Pork Bacon

Taken from locally sourced and sustainably raised pigs, Porter Road preserves their standard pork bacon with just salt, sugar, and sodium nitrate, a natural salt and antioxidant that been used to cure meat for as long as we’ve been curing meat. This simple process really lets this great quality bacon shine.

The Back Bacon

Back bacon is sometimes known as “English Bacon” and is very much the queen of pork products. This thick-cut bacon is taken from the loin, or back, of the pig and is similar to Canadian bacon, but thicker and less sweet. It’s great for sandwiches, with a cup of tea, of course.

The Beef Bacon

Who says bacon has to just come from pigs? Porter Road don’t, that’s for sure. Their beef bacon is taken from the short plate and cured using their sodium nitrate technique to create a meaty treat that’s the best parts of bacon and steak slammed together.

We also have recipe for smoking beef bacon if you want to go down the DIY route.

The Bacon Box

Can’t decide on which of Porter Road’s fantastic bacon offering you want? Well, good news, you don’t have to. The Porter Road bacon box contains four different kinds of excellent bacon, including the ones we’ve listed above, so you can really pig out.

4. Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow made it onto our list of best mail order steaks for 2020 because of the fantastic meat they supply. If you are concerned with what goes into your bacon, then Crowd Cow is the supplier for you, as they use no antibiotics, no hormones, and an all-vegetarian diet for the pigs they raise for bacon. 

The stand out bacon offering from Crowd Cow is 1lb box of flavorful, juicy thick-cut bacon, which is perfect for sandwiches, as a topping for burgers, or, as Crowd Cow suggests, bacon-wrapped buffalo chicken dip jalapeno poppers.

5. Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms have been supplying excellent quality meat for over one hundred years now, and for most of that time, they have been promoting the kind of sustainable green practices that are only now starting to become the industry standard.

All of Perdue Farm’s pork is raised with absolutely no hormones and no antibiotics. Their natural, uncured hickory smoked bacon is preserved without the use of nitrates or nitrites and is smoked over hickory for a sweet and nutty flavor.

6. Zingerman’s Bacon Club

Zingerman’s brand themselves as the “the online shop for food lovers,” and their bacon club subscription service delivers on that promise. 

Food celebs like chef Michael Symon, host of ABC’s The Chew, and Michelin starred chef Boob Flay have raved about this brilliant monthly pork subscription. 

Zingerman’s website also proudly proclaims that seven whole vegans have joined their bacon club so far, none of them ironically.

Offering three, six, and twelve-month subscriptions, Zingermans Bacon Club will deliver 2 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon every month along with bacon stories, histories, and recipes. 

You get a new bacon each month and there is a good chance the Zingerman’s delivery day is going to become your favorite day. 

If the idea of getting bacons like Underground Meats juniper and thyme bacon, hickory-smoked duroc bacon, and cherrywood smoked bacon delivered to your door doesn’t excite you, nothing will!

7. Tenderbelly

Shannon and Erik Duffy founded Tenderbelly in 2010 because they wanted to draft the finest pork products in Iowa, and now they do just that. All their heritage hogs are raised crate-free on family farms. They are fed all-vegetarian diets and never force-fed antibiotics.

This passion for excellence extends to their curing and drying process as well. They only use the finest ingredients, including late-season Vermont maple syrup, a proprietary mix of specialty spices, and freshly ground juniper berries.

The Tenderbelly website is packed with porky treats, from their bacon of the month to a monthly bacon subscription. 

If you want to check them out, we suggest the Tenderbelly gourmet bacon sampler pack. 

This pack will net you four 12 oz packages of fantastic quality bacon. It includes their signature blend dry-rub uncured bacon, their spicy habanero dry-rub uncured bacon and, their no-sugar dry-rub uncured bacon. 

Longer for more mail-order meat? Check out our guide to the best mail order turkeys or the best steak delivery companies.

Bacon Recipes on the Grill & Smoker

While you don’t technically need any recipes to get through your new bacon surplus, you can always get inspiration to try new ideas. Here are some of our best smoker recipes that feature bacon.

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